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Held immediately prior to the 3rd Annual Biodefense August 18-19, 2004


The ability to detect rare transcripts and conduct single-cell analysis is critical to accurate and sensitive cancer detection, diagnosis and prevention. This year's BioMEMS and Nanotech meeting will promote synergy in this emergent field, and will focus on the application of these technologies in cancer. Areas of expertise to be covered are listed below, and will enable systems biology, and have a profound impact on medicine and a new generation of analytical devices for medical diagnostics.

Scientific Advisory Board
Dr. Sangeeta Bhatia, University of California, San Diego
Dr. Christopher S. Chen, Johns Hopkins University
Dr. Carol A. Dahl, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Dr. Tejal A. Desai, Boston University
Dr. Mauro Ferrari, The Ohio State University Scientific Founder
Dr. Abraham Lee, University of California, Irvine
Dr. Stephen C. Lee, The Ohio State University
Dr. Shuvo Roy, The Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Dr. Nitish V. Thakor, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Dr. Joel Voldman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Keynote Session
Dr. Mauro Ferrari, The Ohio State University
Dr. Ellen G. Feigal, National Cancer Institute
Dr. Tejal A. Desai, Boston University
Dr. Stephen C. Lee, The Ohio State University

Drug Delivery Systems
Prof. Michael J. Cima, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dr. Rolfe C. Anderson, ALZA Corporation
Dr. Lee Josephson, Harvard University
Dr. Phyllis Gardner, Stanford University School of Medicine

Nanoparticles for Molecular Imaging
Dr. Nadeem Ishaque, General Electric
Dr. Michael V. Knopp, The Ohio State University
Dr. Samuel A. Wickline, Washington University
Dr. Marcel Bruchez, Quantum Dot Corporation

Rare Transcript and Single Cell Analysis: Applications in Systems Biology
Dr. James R. Heath, California Institute of Technology
Dr. Yanxiang Cao, Affymetrix, Inc.
Dr. Mark T. Roskey, Caliper Life Sciences, Inc.
Dr. Andrew Berlin, Intel Corp.
Dr. Scott Manalis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dr. Jeff T.-H. Wang, Johns Hopkins University

Minimally Invasive Medical Technology
Dr. Aaron Fleischmann, The Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Dr. Michael Reed, University of Virginia
Dr. William Suh, Verimetra, Inc.
Dr. Amit Lal, Cornell University

Call for Sponsors and Exhibitors
Showcase your company's expertise, brand your solutions and develop revenue opportunities with qualified decision-makers by becoming an Exhibitor or Sponsor of BioMEMS and NANOtech World 2004! If you want to discuss sponsoring or exhibiting at BioMEMS and NANOtech 2004, please contact
Angela Parsons at 781-972-5467 or


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