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TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays for Validating Hits
From Fluorescent Microarrays
Applied Biosystems


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  • Gene expression profiling is a powerful tool to identify and target markers associated with disease or therapy
  • Microarrays provide a high-throughput means to survey the range of expression changes within a given experiment
  • Microarray data is prone to variance from experiment to experiment, lab to lab, platform to platform
  • Microarray data has a resolution limit
  • Microarray data must be validated with more sensitive, independent, and quantitative analysis tools

Researchers are still confronted with difficult questions after completing microarray experiments: how to validate the data that has been generated? Cambridge Healthtech Institute's Inaugural From Gene Expression Profiling To Validated Biology explores what comes next in any microarray experiment. How will standards be reached?

Pre-Conference Short Course Tutorial
Establishing Good Laboratory Practice for Gene Expression:
A Practical Guide for the Laboratory
Dr. Andrew I. Brooks, University of Rochcester

Distinguished Faculty
Mr. Herbert Auer, Columbus Children's Research Institute
Ms. Lise Barley-Maloney, VeriQ & North Carolina State University
Dr. Irene Bosch, University of Massachusetts Medical School
Dr. Sridar Chittur, SUNY Albany
Dr. Kevin Dobbin, National Cancer Institute
Dr. Gareth Elvidge, University of Oxford
Dr. Eric Fedyk, Millennium Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Dr. Sookyong Koh, Northwestern University
Dr. Wei-min Liu, Roche Molecular Systems, Inc. 
Dr. Mangalath Rajeevan, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 
Dr. Laura Reid, Expression Analysis
Dr. Raymond R. Samaha, Applied Biosystems
Dr. Bruce Seligmann, High Throughput Genomics, Inc.
Mr. Richard Shippy, GE Healthcare
Dr. Zoltan Szallasi, Harvard Medical School
Dr. Hans Winkler, Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development, N.V. 
Dr. Janet Warrington, Affymetrix
Dr. James C. Willey, Medical College of Ohio

Scientific Advisors
Mr. Herbert Auer, Columbus Children’s Research Institute
Dr. Eric Fedyk, Millennium Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Dr. Zoltan Szallasi, Harvard Medical School

For sponsorship information, please contact:
Angela Parsons, Director, Business Development
Phone: 781-972-5467 • E-mail: aparsons@healthtech.


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