Keynote - David Kaplan, Ph.D. Tufts University

Directing Stem Cells Toward Functional Tissue Outcomes

Dear Colleague, 

On Wednesday, April 12, 2006 Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) and University of Massachusetts Medical School (UMMS) are hosting a Symposium on Orthopedic Tissue Regeneration. This half day event will showcase research initiatives at WPI, UMMS and throughout the region. Scheduled to speak are:

Lawrence Bonassar, Ph.D., Cornell University – “Giving Cells What They Want: Biomaterials as ECM Analogues for Skeletal Tissue Engineering”

Jie Song, Ph.D., UMMS – “Biomimetic composites for Bone Tissue Engineering”

George Pins Ph.D., WPI – “Characterizing Cellular Responses to Bioactive Collagen Threads: Applications for Orthopedic Tissue Regeneration”

Paul Fanning Ph.D., UMMS – “Mechanotransduction Studies in Articular Cartilage Explants: What we’ve Learned and Potential Applications to Tissue Engineering Research”

Helen Lu, Ph.D., Columbia University – “Interface Tissue Engineering: the Bridge to Functional Tissue Systems”

This event will run from 1 - 6 PM in the Kinnicutt Lecture Hall in Salisbury Labs at WPI, Worcester, MA. If you would like further information please contact Grant McGimpsey or George Pins at bei@wpi.edu

We hope that you are available to join us on April 12th at 1:00 pm for the WPI/UMass Symposium on Orthopedic Tissue Regeneration.


W. Grant McGimpsey, Ph.D. 
WPI Bioengineering Institute 

David C. Ayers, MD
The Arthur C. Pappas Professor and Chair
Dept. of Orthopedics and Physical Rehabilitation
University of Massachusetts Medical School

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