Microarray experiments are costly - both in time and resources, making the careful design of experiments to generate useful gene expression data for diagnostics, target identification, screening, genotyping and other applications critical. The first and most important goal still is to design microarray experiments that yield statistically defensible results. The generation of such useful data requires effective communication between those designing and running the experiments, with those analyzing the data, to those database developers who facilitate the data handling. CHI's 6th Annual Microarray Data Analysis and Interpretation is designed to provide perspectives from each specialty, with an emphasis on how they can be integrated into a cohesive, comprehensive team to better decipher biologic pathways and determine the total “omic” picture.

Keynote Presentation
New Tools for a New Era in Genome Based  Biomedical Research 
Stephen E. Lincoln, Ph.D., Vice President, Informatics, Affymetrix

Array Technologies for Pathogen Detection

Using Classical Statistics & Experiment Design, Reduce
Noise in Your Next Microarray Experiment

Taking Multivariate Statistical Methods out of the Black Box 

Advanced Methods for Microarray Analysis

Scientific Advisors
Mr. Thomas J. Downey, Partek, Inc.
Dr. David L. Gerhold, Merck & Co.
Dr. Georges G. Grinstein, University of Massachusetts-Lowell 
Dr. Kenton D. Juhlin, Procter & Gamble

Speaker List:
Dan E. Arking, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Thomas J. Downey, Partek, Inc. 
Richard Einstein, ExonHit Therapeutics, Inc. 
Levi A. Garraway, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
David L. Gerhold, Merck & Co.
Shelly Gunn, UTHSC at San Antonio
Thomas LaFramboise, Ph.D., The Broad Insitute of Harvard to Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine 
Stephen E. Lincoln, Affymetrix 
Paul Meltzer, NHGRI/NIH
Mansoor S. Mohammed, CombiMatrix Molecular Diagnostics
Mark Porter, MS, Gene Logic Inc. 
Moshe Pritsker, Massachusetts General Hospital
Maryam Farzad, Agilent Technologies 
Hugh Salamon, Berlex Biosciences
Dr. Meredith Yeager-Jeffery, Scientific Director, Core Genotyping Facility, NIH
S. Stanley Young, National Institute of Statistical Sciences
Jean C. Zenklusen, NIH/NCI
Chaolin Zhang, Cold Spring Harbor


  • Gene Expression

  • Alternative Splicing

  • SNP Genotyping

  • Copy Number Analysis

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Suzanne Carroll, Manager, Business Development, Cambridge Healthech Institute
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