Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s First International  

 INTERNATIONAL Biofuels development summit

Accelerating Innovation to Commercialization

Scientific Innovations in Biofuels

Accelerating the Commercialization of Biofuels

May 13-15, 2008 •   Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel • Baltimore, MD

With First Generation Biofuels beginning to make a major contribution in addressing the US and the World’s need to transition from Fossil-Based Fuels to Renewables and Second Generation Biofuels beginning to create the promise of accelerating this transition without the food supply and other social and environmental costs associated with First Generation Biofuels, Biofuels Development is poised for tremendous growth over the next decade.

This premier CHI Biofuels Development Summit creates a unique forum bringing together, in one place, both the leaders in Scientific Innovations in biofuels sourcing, development and processing and the leading Commercial Development practitioners in Biofuels: Financing, Business Development and Alliances.

Public-Private Partnerships and rapid Commercialization of the most promising technologies and Commercialization strategies. Come participate with other leading scientists and product and process development experts and leading Financing, Business Development and Alliance practitioners and thought leaders in this outstanding program. Submit your proposed presentation Today!

Submission of topics on leading-edge scientific research in the development and processing of Biofuels critical to biofuels adoption and more cost-effective fuel sources, methods to solve problems in the production of ethanol, butanol, biodiesel and other fuels, as well as presentations by Lleading Practitioners and Thought Leaders on financing, alliances and commercialization of Biofuels are encouraged, 

Topics may include, but not be limited to:

Scientific Innovation in Biofuels

  • Innovative sources 
  • Innovations in effective refining technologies and techniques 
  • Newly developed enzymes and catalysts 
  • The Transition between Existing and Next Generation Technologies 
  • Creative solutions for problems with cellulosic sources 
  • Lessening feedstock impact 
  • Value added processes 
  • Finding funding 
  • Government approval processes-case studies 

Accelerating the Commercialization of Biofuels

  • Venture Capital Financing 
  • Public/Private Biofuels Partnerships 
  • 2nd Generation Cellulosic Biofuels Commercialization 
  • R&D Alliances 
  • Marketing and Distribution Alliances 
  • Biofuels Market Dynamics 
  • Demonstration Grants 
  • Case Studies 
  • Alliance Best Practices 

Leading Scientists and Biofuels Processing and Commercialization Practitioners doing cutting-edge research and development in any of these or related areas are encouraged to submit a proposal for an oral presentation or poster presentation through the link below. Please include your complete contact information and all pertinent materials.

To submit a proposal or poster presentation: Click Here.

Proposals will be reviewed by a Scientific Advisory Board for inclusion as a podium presentation. 

We welcome suggestions for additional topics or speakers that would add value and interest to the program

Deadline for Speaker Proposals is Friday, January 18, 2008 

For questions about "Scientific Innovations in Biofuels”, please contact:
Elizabeth Lamb
Senior Conference Director
Cambridge Healthtech Institute

For questions about "Accelerating the Commercialization of Biofuels", please contact: 
Bill Lundberg
Executive Director
Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals, Inc. (ASAP)

For sponsorship or exhibiting information, please contact: 
Arnold Wolfson 
Business Development
Cambridge HealthTech Institute 
Phone: 781-972-5431

For Information about the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals (ASAP’s) “Clean Tech and Green Energy Council 
Click below:
Or contact:
Bill Lundberg
Executive Director
Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals, Inc. (ASAP)


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