7th Annual

Inflammation Inhibitors

Small Molecule and Macrocyclic Approaches

April 19-20, 2016  

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This meeting features medicinal chemistry-focused case studies of small molecule drug candidates that are being tested in preclinical and early-phase clinical trials for inflammation-related conditions. Because the most recent ‘market’ successes for oral, anti-inflammatories have been against the intracellular janus kinases (JAKs), updates on progress of new and 2nd generation intra-cellular kinase inhibitor candidates will be covered. But drug leads directed against non-kinase targets such as nuclear receptors involved in innate immunity, will also be a part of the meeting. Additionally, the conference will explore intracellular molecules that represent good drug targets because they lie at the interface between inflammation and other diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Preliminary Agenda

Kinase Inhibitors for Inflammation

Discovery of Potent, Selective, and Non-Covalent BTK Inhibitors for Clinical Development

Wendy B. Young, Ph.D., Vice President, Discovery Chemistry, Genentech

Structure-Activity-Relationships around Lead Series of Selective Jak1 Inhibitors for Inflammation

Michael L. Vazquez, Ph.D., Associate Fellow, Medicinal Chemistry, Pfizer, Inc.

Fragment Hit Prioritization and Optimization for Immunology Targets: BTK and other Case Studies

Jason Pickens, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry, Takeda

Targeting Nuclear Receptors (RORs) and Innate Immunity 

Small Molecule Modulators of RORgamma

Robert Hughes, Ph.D., Senior Associate Director, Small Molecule Discovery Research, Boehringer-Ingelheim

Quinoline Tertiary Alcohols as Modulators of Retinoic Acid Receptor-Related Orphan Receptor gamma t (RORγt)

Hari Venkatesan, Ph.D., Principal Scientist, Discovery Chemistry, Immunology, Janssen Research & Development

Inducing RORgamma-Specific Inverse Agonism Using a Synthetic Benzoxazinone Ligand

Doug Marcotte, Associate Scientist, Physical Biochemistry Department, Biogen 

Small Molecule Inhibitors of RORgamma and IRAK4 for Inflammation

Murali Ramachandra, PhD, Senior Vice President, Preclinical Biology, Aurigene Discovery Technologies Limited

Treating Disease-Specific Inflammation

PTG-100: An Oral Peptide Antagonist of alfa4beta7 Integrin for Ulcerative Colitis

Larry Mattheakis, Ph.D., Senior Director, Biology, Protagonist Therapeutics

ATPase Modulators for Treating Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Alexander (Sandy) Hurd, Ph.D., Associate Director of Chemistry, Chemistry, Lycera Corp

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