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CHI's Biologics Formulation and Delivery Summit - Overview

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Advances in molecular biology and biotechnology have allowed for the large-scale production of effective and potent biotherapeutic drugs.  Major research issues in protein/peptide delivery include the stabilization of proteins in delivery devices and the design of appropriate target-specific carriers. CHI’s Inaugural Biologics Formulation and Delivery Summit will provide a forum for focused discussions on current challenges and opportunities in delivery of biotherapeutics. This multi-track summit will discuss various formulation and device-based approaches for designing physiologically relevant, patient friendly, targeted biologics products.

2014 Formulation Strategies for Improved Delivery of Biologics 

2014 New Technologies for Biologics Delivery and Targeting 

Special Highlights:

  • 30+ Presentations from Distinguished Speakers
  • 3 Short Courses
  • Poster Session and Poster Award
  • Student Fellowship Awards
  • 100+ Exhibitors in a Shared Exhibit Hall with PEGS Summit
  • Network with 1600+ Attendees in a Joint Grand Opening Reception and Networking Breaks

Featured Speakers:

Omid FarokhzadOmid Farokhzad, M.D., Associate Professor, Laboratory of Nanomedicine and Biomaterials, Department of Anesthesiology, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School

Julia Rashba-StepJulia Rashba-Step, Ph.D., Senior Director, Advanced Drug Delivery, Pfizer, Inc.

Ashutosh ChilkotiAshutosh Chilkoti, Ph.D., Theo Pilkington Professor of Biomedical Engineering; Director, Center for Biologically Inspired Materials and Materials Systems, Duke University

Amiji MansoorMansoor M. Amiji, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor and Chairman, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of Pharmacy, Northeastern University

Reasons to Attend:

  • Attend three days of conferences dedicated to challenges and opportunities in protein and peptide delivery from distinguished industry experts from MedImmune, Allergan, Shire, MannKind, Novartis, Pfizer, Northeastern University, Duke University and many more.
  • Participate in three interactive short courses geared towards turning your technologies into successful patient-friendly products.
  • Gain new information, ideas and insights to take home and immediately apply to your lab and your career.
  • Progress your biologics delivery programs by applying the learning from case studies on breakthrough devices and formulation strategies to solve the most pressing challenges in formulation and delivery of high dose biologics formulations.
  • Adapt new technologies and tools to overcome complexities in developing alternate delivery approaches, protein targeting and breaching the blood brain barrier.
  • Network with attendees and exhibitors during the informal problem solving break out discussion sessions, in the vibrant exhibit hall shared with PEGS Summit, during poster sessions and refreshment breaks to find out what’s new and happening in macromolecule delivery.

Who Should Attend:

VPs, Directors and Scientists specializing in: Protein, Peptide and Vaccine Formulation Development , Pre-Formulation, Pharmaceutics, Drug Delivery, Pharmaceutical R & D, Novel Drug Delivery, Drug and Device Delivery, Devices, Ocular Delivery, Parenteral Delivery, Product Development, Analytical Chemistry, Partnering, Licensing & Alliance Management, Life-Cycle & Portfolio Management, Chemical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Regulatory, Intellectual Property

Plus! 3 Short Courses* 

Challenges and Opportunities in Protein and Peptide Drug Delivery 

Instructor: Pankaj Karande, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering, Center for Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Studies, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute  

Converting Emerging Delivery Technologies into Successful Patient-Friendly Therapies  

Christopher A. Rhodes, Ph.D., President, Christopher A. Rhodes & Associates LLC
Frank Tagliaferri, Ph.D., Vice President, R&D, 4P Therapeutics

Dinner Short Course: Development of High-Dose Biologics Dosage Forms 


Christopher M. Olsen, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, CMC Analytical Chemistry, Alcon Laboratories, Inc., a Division of Novartis

Nicholas J. Darton, Ph.D., Platform Manager, Arecor Ltd.

*Separate registration required. 

Student Fellowships Now Available

Showcase your research with a poster in front of an international delegation. Student Fellowship Award Winners will Attend the Biologics Formulation & Delivery Summit for Only $195. Full-time graduate students and Ph.D. candidates are encouraged to apply for the Biologics Formulation & Delivery Student Fellowship. Ten fellowship award winners will receive a poster presentation slot and a $950 savings on their registration fee. Apply here.

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