Pre-Conference Short Course

Tuesday, November 8
8:15am -11:15am

Quality Project Evaluation for Optimized Portfolio Management Decision Making 

Michael Menke Michael Menke, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor, Engineering and Technology Management, Portland State University; President at Value Creation Associates; former Chief Portfolio Advocate, Hewlett-Packard 







Eric MossEric Moss, Director, Portfolio & Decision Analysis, Pfizer 






Aaron SalancyAaron Salancy, Director, Cardiovascular/Metabolics/Neuroscience Portfolio & Asset Strategy Group, Bristol-Myers Squibb  

Portfolio analysis has a long history and good track record in life sciences R&D and new product development. The methodologies for project and program evaluation and portfolio optimization based on decision and risk analysis are, by now, well established in these areas, but there is still a concern among senior managers about many of the key metrics used, due to the long time frames and high risk in life sciences R&D. Excellent portfolio management requires that decisions get made on the portfolio evaluation, so how do these portfolio decisions really get made? 

We have benchmarked a number of leading organizations in life sciences and other industries to find out the best practices for excellent project evaluation and portfolio management. Many of these are analytical, but some of the most important ones involve people, governance and behaviors. The workshop will specifically cover: 

  • Best practices for portfolio management cross-industry and cross-function 
  • Best practice portfolio management process at the R&D/NPD level in life sciences 
  • Designing a best practice portfolio management process 
  • Innovative portfolio analysis and displays to inform and influence management decision making 

We will use case studies from several major pharma companies to illustrate how good project evaluation and portfolio management impacts management decision making. Portfolio management is already delivering a lot of value, but if we can tighten the link between project/portfolio analysis and management decision making, the value delivered will be even greater. 

About the Instructors: 

Dr. Michael Menke is a Fellow of Knowledge Management at Decision Strategies Inc. assisting a wide range of companies with strategy, decision making and portfolio management. He was the former chief portfolio advocate for HP, advising executives and working teams at all levels and in all segments of HP on strategy development, portfolio management, decision making and new business creation. He was also founding partner of Strategic Decisions Group, a consultancy where many of the portfolio management approaches in use today by leading companies were initially developed.  

Eric Moss has an MBA from the University of Missouri-St Louis. He joined Searle / Pharmacia in 1999 and became a member of Pfizer PDA (Portfolio & Decision Analysis) in 2003 as part of the integration. Eric has been an integral part of PDA over the years and has been consistently recognized not only for his expertise in executing asset and portfolio analyses but also for his leadership in ensuring that DA best practices are shared throughout the Pfizer organization. Prior to joining Searle in 1999, Eric held several positions in the Oil industry including; Process Engineer, Planning & Economics, and Area Sales Manager. 

Aaron Salancy is the Director, Cardiovascular/Metabolics/Neuroscience, in Bristol-Myers Squibb’s Portfolio & Asset Strategy group, with management responsibilities for the team of analysts covering those therapeutic areas. He is also responsible for supporting franchise portfolio and strategy efforts in those therapeutic areas. Prior to joining BMS, Aaron spent over seven years with Pfizer, where he most recently headed the Portfolio Valuation and Prioritization department, with responsibility for valuing and prioritizing the development portfolio within budget constraints. Aaron also led decision analysis support for several therapeutic areas within Pfizer, including neurosciences, dermatology, and endocrine care, as part of Pfizer’s Portfolio & Decision Analysis group. Aaron holds a BS in Naval Architecture from Webb Institute, a Master of Engineering in Naval Architecture from UC Berkeley, and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

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