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Strategic Alliance Management Congress - Day 2

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7:45 am Morning Coffee

8:15 Organizer’s Daily Announcements


Concurrent roundtables to discuss some of the broader questions facing the industry today; discussions will be led by one moderator and limited to 12 participants.

Topic 1: Mergers & Acquisitions: Finding Your New Champion

Moderator: Simon Bateman, Ph. D., Executive Director, Global BD&L Alliance Management, Novartis

Topic 2: All Aboard! Project Management and Deal Makers in Alliance Management

Moderator: Kimberly Brue, M.B.A., Senior Director, Alliance Management-Tsyabri, Biogen-Idec

Topic 3: Renegotiating vs. Ending an Alliance- When to Say When

Moderator: Brian Daly, J.D., Executive Director, Head, Alliance Management, Merck

Topic 4: Challenges of Companion Diagnostic Alliances
This discussion will explore alliances between Pharma and Molecular Diagnostic companies. Discussion will revolve around:
Moderator: Dorene Lynch, Business Development Executive, Integrated Project Management Company, Inc 

  • Which clinical areas have the potential of benefiting the most from companion diagnostics?
  • How to manage development timeline and processes differences for these strange bedfellows?
  • Who will pay for development?
  • What are the regulatory requirements that IVD manufacturers must meet?
  • How to navigate the requirements that must be met to receive reimbursement for companion diagnostics?
  • What are the societal and ethical issues regarding genetic testing will affect the use and development of companion diagnostics for personalized medicine?

9:30 Coffee Break in the Exhibit Hall

Valuable Tools & Methods To Advance An Alliance 

10:00 Chairperson’s Remarks

Angus Grant, Ph.D., Vice President, Global Alliances & Business Development, Celgene


10:10 Tools for a Successful Alliance From Day One

Jason H Powell, General Manager, Global Alliance Management, Abbott

10:40 Alliance Management Challenges for Biotechnology Companies: The ABC’s - Adaptability, Branding and Capability

Vipula Tailor, Ph.D., Director, Alliance Management, Corporate Strategy & Business Development, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

An alliance is defined as a mutually beneficial agreement between two or more companies, in which resources, knowledge and capabilities are shared with the objective of delivering value from the collaboration with focus on mutually agreed objectives. The challenge for Biotechnology companies is not having all the ABC’s. The talk will focus on the aspects of managing these challenges and expectations proactively whilst ensuring that collaboration is driving the value throughout its life time. The speaker will conclude the talk with some effective alliance management opportunities for biotechnology companies and define the value of optimization of the value of the partnership in terms of strategic fit and planning being critical success factors as it relates to the ABC’s.

11:10 Developing an Alliance Management Scorecard

Joseph McCullough, Ph.D.,  Alliance Director, U.S. Business Development, AstraZeneca

11:40 Process Mapping as a Tool for Alliance Management

Alessandro Foti, M.B.A., PMP, Director, Program Management, SpringLeaf Therapeutics, Inc.

In the constant struggle to meet challenging timelines, teams are often driven to action before they have had an opportunity to clearly outline a plan. The result, however, can be a significant waste of resources, as well as stress, anxiety and often tension between team members. In this case study, we will review how improper planning can result in an unnecessary perturbation of organization harmony, and explore how the use of process mapping can significantly improve morale and result in better performance and an increased chance of success.

12:10pm Luncheon Presentations or Lunch on Your Own

(Sponsorship Opportunities Available)

» 1:30 CASE STUDY 

The Sanofi-Merck Serono Oncology Cooperation – Trend Setting for Novel Combination Alliances 

Diana L. Brassard, Ph.D., Alliance Manager, Oncology, Sanofi Oncology 

Andréa Nicholson, Director, Alliance Management, MerckSerono International 

Sanofi and Merck Serono entered into an agreement in 2010 to collaboratively investigate novel experimental combinations of anti-cancer agents. Combining two unapproved drugs is associated with a high degree of complexity in development. A key accomplishment thus far is the 11 month timeline from the first concept discussion to the first patient enrolled in the clinical studies. The Joint Team is currently running 2 Phase I dose escalation studies in parallel. This talk will outline the Alliance Management best practices that have contributed to the achievement of the joint project team’s objectives and milestones. 


Moving from Licensing Agreement to Alliance

Moderator: Mark Coflin, M.B.A., Executive Director, Global Business Development & Licensing at Novartis Pharmaceuticals

The transition from a licensing agreement to the successful launch of an alliance is a critical phase in the life of an alliance and sets the stage for the future. Our expert panel will discuss how to create an effective alliance launch process to build a durable collaboration which maximizes value-creation. Using specific examples, panelists will share their insights, approaches and key learnings in an interactive format.

Simon Bateman, Ph. D., Executive Director, Global BD&L Alliance Management, Novartis
Kimberly Brue, MBA., Senior Director Alliance Management, Biogen Idec
Angus Grant, Ph.D., Vice President, Global Alliances & Business Development, Celgene
Joe McCullough, Alliance Director, Astra Zeneca
Brian Daly, J.D., Executive Director, Head, Alliance Management, Merck

3:15 Sponsored Presentation

(Oppurtunity Available)

3:30 Refreshment Break in the Exhibit Hall


Scaling the Wall: Practical Tips on Bringing Your Business to China 

Complimentary with Conference Registration 

Daniel Victor, Esq., Founder, Victor Advisors PLLC 

China is forecast to overtake the US as the largest economy in the world by as early as 2010. China is currently the world’s third-largest prescription drug market, and some predict that China’s pharmaceutical market may double by 2013. As the world economic balance tilts towards the East, it is imperative that companies – irrespective of their size – begin to take steps to ensure their products and services will be in that market on a profitable and sustainable basis. 

This workshop will address the business process for entering China and will suggest practical solutions to the myriad of challenges faced by companies entering the Chinese market. 

5:00 Close of Day

5:30-8:30 pm Dinner Short Course*

• SC2: The Science of Negotiations
*Separate registration required 


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