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In the Wake of the Flood 

Using VAAST to Identify Causative Mutations 

Taking NGS into the Clinic 

1000 Genomes Project: Cancer, Genetic Variation, and Drug Response 

Mapping Genomes in 3D 

The Human Microbiome Project: Next-Generation Sequencing and Analysis of the Indigenous Microbiota 

Building a Genome Sequencing Center: Managing and Mining Two Years of NGS Data 

Short Courses


Pre-Conference Short Courses*  

Monday, August 13

8:30 - 11:30 am

Short Course One

Sequencing 101

In less than five years next-generation sequencing has gone from radical to routine. Naturally, in a field moving so fast, newbies can feel overwhelmed. Sequencing 101 is designed to provide definitions in terminology, types of platforms, workflow strategies, and current applications, to what’s next? Learn about the genomic data revolution from data generation to management to analysis and interpretation. This course is perfect for those needing an introduction to next-generation sequencing technology and applications.


Kevin Davies, Ph.D., Editor-in-Chief, Bio-IT World

Shawn C. Baker, Ph.D., CSO, BlueSEQ

Tom Schwei, Vice President and General Manager, DNASTAR, Inc.

Danielle Dionne, Senior Process Development Associate, Genomics Platform, The Broad Institute


Click here to view detailed agenda 

Short Course Two

A Practical Guide to Choosing the Right SNP Detection Tool

There is an urgent need for the NGS community to be able to make the right choice from available SNP detection tools. We have used exome-seq data to evaluate the quality of SNP calls from selected discovery tools from both academic and commercial products. We compared the quality of SNP calls from selected tools side by side and assessed their global quality by checking for Mendelian inheritance inconsistencies within the SNP calls of family members and by using the SNP array data from the same samples. This course will show the comparison results of these selected tools and provide a practical guide to choosing and using the right SNP detection tool.

Instructor: Ming Yi, Ph.D., IT Manager, Functional Genomics/Bioinformatics Support Group, Advanced Biomedical Computing Center, SAIC-Frederick, FNLCR


Click here to view detailed agenda  

Dinner Short Course  

Tuesday, August 14

5:45 - 8:45 pm

Short Course Three

NGS, an Overview of Technologies, Applications, and Analysis Strategies

If you are confused by the evolving, rapidly changing, and dynamic nature of the NGS market, then this is the course for you. This course will provide you with a comprehensive, clear outline of the various sequencing technologies currently available, their best suited applications, and which analysis strategies go with what applications in order to get the best answer from the data.

Instructor: Matthias Scherf, Ph.D., Managing Director & Head, Scientific Development, Genomatix Software GmbH

* Separate Registration Required

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