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Emergent Biosolutions
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Vantage Partners

Day 3 - Strategic Alliance Management Congress

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Wednesday, May 8

8:15 am  Continental Breakfast and Networking


Academic Partnerships (Case Studies and Discussion)

8:55 Chairperson's Opening Remarks

Case Study

9:00 It's All About Penguins, CAROTS & CARTs

Simon Bateman, Ph.D., Executive Director, Global Strategic Alliance Management, Novartis Oncology

Dana M. Hammill, Director, Alliance Management, Translational Research Program, University of Pennsylvania

In 2012 Novartis and University of Pennsylvania formed a broad-based R&D alliance to advance novel T-cell immunotherapies to treat cancer. The collaboration includes: 1. Research of chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) technology; 2. Establishment of a joint Center for Advanced Cellular Therapies at the University of Pennsylvania to develop and manufacture CARs; 3.Development of the first CAR investigational therapy, CART-19. This collaboration has been successfully launched in collaboration with Vantage Partners using alliance management best practices. The presenters will give an over site of this novel pharma/academic collaboration, the 100 day launch process and the status of the alliance.

Case Study

9:45 Academic/Industry Co-Development of a Diagnostic Platform

Frances Toneguzzo, Ph.D., Executive Director, Research Ventures and Licensing, Partners HealthCare

Craig Sutton, Executive Director, Global Business Development, Janssen Diagnostics

Janssen is collaborating with Massachusetts General Hospital to develop and commercialize a next-generation circulating tumor cell (CTC) technology for capturing, counting and characterizing tumor cells found in patients' blood. This unique collaboration is relying on the collective scientific, technical, clinical and commercial expertise between the partners to achieve the goal of enabling CTCs to be used both by oncologists as a diagnostic tool for personalizing patient care and by researchers to accelerate and improve the process of drug discovery and development. This session will outline the structure of the relationship and the lessons learned to date regarding governance and the ongoing management of both the development as well as the business goals. The perspectives of the company and of the academic institution will be presented in an interactive format.

10:30 Coffee Break in the Exhibit Hall


Interactive Panel Discussion

11:00 Sponsored & Collaborative Research: Managing Relationships in Deals between Universities/Research Institutions and Industry

Moderator: Steven M. Ferguson, CLP, Deputy Director, Licensing & Entrepreneurship, Office of Technology Transfer, National Institutes of Health

This interactive session will focus on the aspects of managing the expectations & interests of universities/research institutions and industry in negotiating and administering sponsored and collaborative research agreements. The session will cover a variety of topics that can often lead to misunderstandings in university – industry research collaborations: retention of IP rights by the university/research institution and granted to the research sponsor; sharing licensing revenues; the right to the free publication of results; and universities'/research institutions' interests in making inventions available under conditions that will promote their effective development and utilization in the public interest. Additional topics will include who owns the IP; IRS issues; background rights; patent prosecution; patent enforcement; trade secrets; sharing of materials and development and commercialization.


Frances Toneguzzo, Ph.D., Executive Director, Research Ventures and Licensing, Partners HealthCare

Alan Naidoff, Esq., Director, Research Contracts Management, Department of External Scientific Affairs, Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.
Ellen Purpus, Ph.D., Director, Office of Technology Transfer, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Ayoma Finlay, MBA, General Manager, PortaScience, Inc.

12:00 pm Lunch on Your Own


Venture Capital Partnerships

1:15 Biotech-Venture Capital Alliances: Capability Building and Technology Transfer Perspective

Yuri Khakhanov, Division Head, Department of Nanotechnology Analysis and Forecast, Russian Corporation of Nanotechnology (RUSNANO)

In industry after industry, an increasing number of alliances being formed are with companies in emerging markets. Many biotechs are doing good work and building value, but their needs for continued funding can tax reserves of their venture backers. This presentation offers actionable strategic insights for creating biotech – venture capital alliances by providing an overview of best practices for managing biotech alliances with emerging markets' partners. It covers business, legal, commercial cultures and opportunities for collaboration and alliancing, and shows how effectively manage alliances between venture capital, biotechs, big pharma and academia.

Interactive Panel Discussion

1:45 Speaking Tech Transfer: A VC's Guide to Licensing Academic Technologies

Moderator: Martin Lehr, Senior Associate, Osage University Partners

Hear from a panel of licensing experts and investors who will provide best practices on how to successfully license academic technologies and launch university start-ups.

Discussion Points:

• Aren’t all licenses the same and why do they take so long to negotiate?
• What are the key license points that tend to kill potential deals?
• How do you determine the value of academic technologies?
• Is a start-up license the same as a license to a pharma partner?
• A license is just the start, how do you manage relationships with licensors and manage expectations for the licensing of future technologies?


Kent Gossett, Ph.D., Partner, SR One, Ltd.
John F. Ritter, Director, Office of Technology Licensing, Princeton University

Shiv Krishnan, Senior Director, Scouting & Partnering, R&D, Sanofi


2:45 Close of Conference