Future Diagnostics - Short Course


Sunday, April 25


1:30-2:00 pm Short Course Registration

2:00-5:00 Pre-Conference Short Course

Micro- and Nanofluidics in Diagnostics and Life Sciences: Technologies and Applications

Holger Becker, Ph.D., CSO, microfluidic ChipShop

The course is designed for scientists, managers, technicians and engineers who would like to acquire a comprehensive overview of the field of microfluidics. Starting with the underlying physical principles of miniaturization, the course includes an introduction into microfabrication technologies for microfluidic devices covering a wide range of existing materials (glass, silicon, polymers) and manufacturing technologies and describes the complete development cycle of a microfluidic device from the design to the ready-to-use device. Applications of microfluidics in point-of-care and clinical diagnostics, analytical and synthetic chemistry, biotechnology and cell biology will be presented. The course will also provide an insight into the business aspects of the field and the uptake of microfluidic technology in various markets.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the basic physical principles and scaling laws governing miniaturization
  • Identify the suitable material for a given microfluidic application
  • Understand the basic technologies available for the microfabrication of glass, silicon and polymer materials and follow the device manufacturing process from design to the finished microfluidic device
  • Learn application examples of microfluidic devices in a wide range of disciplines
  • Understand the current state of the markets and obstacles in the commercialization process

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