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The Differences Between Discovery and Development Project &
Portfolio Management Come Down to the Level of Risk

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Portfolio Management - Tuesday, November 2, 2010

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8:00 Conference Registration and Morning Coffee

9:00 Organizer’s Welcome

Micah Lieberman, Executive Director, Conferences, BioPharma Strategy Series, Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI)

9:15 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Changing R&D Business Models in a Contracting Industry

Jim ReschJames F. Resch, Ph.D., Director, Strategic Intelligence, Discovery Strategy and Performance, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

9:45 Pre-Competitive Collaboration as a New Model for Innovation

Susie StephensSusie Stephens, Ph.D., Director, Biomedical Informatics, Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development

The fully integrated business model of large pharmaceutical companies is increasingly considered to be unsustainable, and new approaches that engage academia, governments, and large and small companies are required. Could external innovation models that have proved successful in other industries be successfully adopted by the pharmaceutical industry? This presentation provides examples of external innovation, and identifies some changes companies need to undertake to enable a smooth transition to an externally focused business model.

10:15 Networking Coffee Break

11:00 An Effective Approach for Optimizing and Managing a Diverse R&D Portfolio: Meeting the Challenge of Portfolio Management within a Global, Multi-specialty, Medical Company

Scott PenningtonScott Pennington, Assistant Director, Portfolio and Project Management, Alcon Research, Ltd.

This summary will give an overview of both the successes and challenges for a methodology employed by this medical company’s Portfolio Management Committee (PMC). The PMC establishes corporate strategy for new product development, reviews total portfolio for development involving both internal & external resources, and uses a method to establish a set of priorities for the portfolio. The overview will introduce scoring models, ranking approaches, and value estimation methods, and will highlight 12 strategic questions used for its Portfolio Analyses. This presentation will illustrate a practice for maintaining a visible set of activities that are monitored and assessed to maximize new product development (NPD) efforts. Optimizing the NPD portfolio is a process that is fundamental to ensuring revenue growth. The portfolio management process will show how portfolio is adjusted to allow an allocation of the scarce resources of development including personnel, monies, and time.

11:30 The Role of Periodic Project Reviews in the Portfolio Management Process

Zach BowmanZach Bowman, PMP, Global Project Portfolio Manager, Global R&D, Banner Pharmacaps

This presentation will cover an overview of how our company incorporated a two-level project review system to the portfolio managment process on a global basis. These reviews allowed for enhanced communication on project updates, market changes, deviations to plan, etc.. They are gated throughout the development process and are structured and decision oriented. Portfolio management requires alignment between the project management, business development, Senior Management, and many others. As the strategic face of coordination, the portfolio manager needs to make sure they have a mechanism for communication. This process will give a case study for other companies struggling with this to consider. This presentation offers a real life example of an effective process designed to align communication and coodination of the project and portfolio management process as well as pitfalls to look for.

12:00 Lunch on Your Own 

1:40 Chairperson’s Remarks

Jeffrey Handen, Director, Project & Pipeline Management, Merck & Co., Inc.

1:45 Why Portfolio Management is Essential for a Mid-Size Biotech Company with the Mission to Provide Patients in Need with New Therapeutics

Martine van VugtMartine van Vugt, Ph.D., Vice President, Portfolio and Project Management, Genmab

Genmab has succesfully developed arzerra over the last 10 years. Now the first product is on the market, Genmab wants to continue its success with new therapeutics. For this, project management was professionalized and portfolio management implemented. The case study on how these processes were implemented and the results obtained can be presented. Genmab is an example of how small biotech can beat big pharma in developing new therapeutics. It can be interesting to other small - mid size biotech companies to learn how Genmab manages its portfolio. Learn about project driven matrix organization, empowered mission and vision processes and change management

Sponsored by
 Data or Collective Intelligence? - A Sucker’s Choice!
Kevin Connor, VP Decision Solutions Group, Decision Lens
Proponents of the ideas set out in “Blink” and “Competing on Analytics” have often broken off into warring camps.  If probabilistic models alone assured good decision making, everyone would head to Las Vegas and win at blackjack. Anyone who has played the lottery knows that luck and intuition alone are not a strategy. These dynamics are very much at play in organizational decision making and prioritization of portfolio bets.  We will outline the challenges of decision making in organizations and how using a structured approach that aggregates data, intuition and experience based expert judgment can align groups and clarify rationale.

2:45 Networking Refreshment Break

3:30 Effectively Communicating Analytic Methods for non Analyst Decision Makers: A Case Study

Jay AndersenJay Andersen, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow, Decision Sciences, Eli Lilly and Company

At times, the analytic methods of the portfolio advisor do not produce the desired result. What seems straightforward to the advisor appears puzzling to the decision maker and leads to less clarity, not more. This discussion will focus on taking the decision maker’s perspective, and will examine four case studies: one that was effective, two that were not, and one that is in progress.

Interactive Panel Discussion

4:15 Who is Better Positioned to Drive the Future Portfolio, Research Folks or Commercial Folks?


Carlos Nunes, Director, Portfolio Management & Analytics, Pfizer Inc.


Carlos Nunes, Director, Portfolio Management & Analytics, Pfizer Inc.
Jay Andersen, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow, Decision Sciences, Eli Lilly and Company
Richard Sonnenblick, President, Enrich Consulting

Scott Pennington, Assistant Director, Portfolio and Project Management, Alcon Research, Ltd.

4:45 Networking Cocktail Reception

5:45 Close of Day

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