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Strategic Alliance Management Congress - Day 2

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8:15 am Chairperson’s Remarks


» Interactive Keynote Discussion

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8:30 Alliance Management: Balancing Organization Growth through Strategy vs. Partnerships

Jan TwomblyStuart Kliman, J.D., Founder and Partner, Vantage Partners

Over the last several years more and more organizations have implemented an alliance management function. Those who have been successful at helping their organizations grow through partnerships begin to grapple with the unique challenges of executing against a strategy that relies only on an alliance to succeed. What ties corporate strategy, alliances, and growth together? How do organizations grow through strategy as well as partnerships? This interactive session will share multiple examples of efforts that life sciences organizations are taking to enhance their alliance management capabilities. We will facilitate a discussion about what ties these disparate efforts together and share a few thoughts about the next steps these organizations can take in their quest to add demonstrable value.

9:15 Expanding and Evolving Your Alliance Management Approach for Global Partners

Jan TwomblyMatt Siefert, MBA, Manager, Alliance Management, U.S. Business Development, Eurand

Daniela Sica, Alliance Manager, Commercial Operations, Eurand

With more than 40 products commercialized by partners around the world, Eurand has succeeded in expanding their Alliance Management team, while continually adapting their approach for diverse, global partnerships. Eurand offers insight into a sophisticated approach to structuring alliances and alliance success. This approach is applicable globally regardless of partner size, territory, and other variables specific to each partner. Case studies will be presented illustrating the cultural and logistical challenges faced, as well as solutions and key learnings that allow the company to continue building successful alliances in Asian and emerging markets.

9:45 Implementing Collaborative Innovation: Lessons from the Leaders

Jan TwomblyGene Slowinski, Ph.D., Director, Strategic Alliance Research, Rutgers University Graduate School of Management

Collaborative Innovation is transforming the nature of technology development and commercialization. To compete effectively in today’s business environment, firms are using strategic alliances to link their resources with the complementary resources of other world-class organizations. They are replacing the “not invented here” syndrome with the “invented anywhere approach.” Unfortunately, many alliances fail. Managers must deal with the complexities of allocating rights to jointly developed intellectual assets, protecting proprietary know-how and trade secrets, linking decision-making structures and utilizing financial models that allow both firms to share the risks as well as rewards of collaboration. Learn a set of simple, but powerful management tools and metrics to increase the value of both your individual alliances and alliance portfolios.

10:15 Networking Coffee Break in Exhibit Area

10:45 Interactive Small Discussion Groups and Report Outs

Topic 1: How to Prove the Value of an Alliance Management Function 

   * What tangible value, assets, and skills can alliance managers bring to the business model?
   * How have Alliance Management departments been successful in getting some of the credit for successes rather than just getting the blame
      for under-achieving alliances?
   * How do other companies "sell" the value of alliance management in their organization?

Topic 2: Seeing Both Sides: Pharma Constraints vs. Biotech Expectations 
   * Is it possible to implement a timely decision making process to make decisions quickly?
   * How to set expectations on milestones and quarterly reporting
   * Developing a value model that is straight forward

Topic 3: Difficult Conversations: How to Avoid Pointing to the Letter of the Contract 
   * How to deal with expenses that weren’t anticipated
   * Impact of personalities on the alliance success
   * How to foster open communication

Topic 4: Aligning Resources with Portfolio Needs
   * How do you define resources and responsibilities in a matrixed role?
   * Aligning with your partner at the project team level: how to overcome challenges
   * Integrating personalities and metrics towards a shared goal

Topic 5: Alliance Metrics: What Tools and Approaches do you Need to Set Goals and Measure Performance? 
   * What factors are used to measure value besides economics?
   * What ways have companies found to quickly view, assess, manage and communicate key performance indicators and milestones?
   * How can one be more effective at managing alliances and measuring their effectiveness?

Topic 6: Seamless Interface Between Alliance Management and Other Disciplines Lessons Learned and Best Practices

Alliance management has become a key strategy in helping life sciences partnerships thrive.  But the interface between this and other disciplines can be unclear, even confusing.  This discussion will explore how to ensure a seamless interface and maximize the probability of collaborative success through answers to questions like:
* How do you clearly define the roles and boundaries of business development, licesning, project management, and alliance management?
   * What are the primary drivers and differentiators when establishing both an Alliance Management group and a Project Management group?
   * How do you allocate these resources - does every partnership need an alliance manager?  Are there multiple project managers assigned to
      one alliance?
  *  Who takes the lead in alliance management in a smaller company that doesn't have a dedicated group or individual?
Facilitator: Dorene Lynch, Business Development Executive, Integrated Project Management Company, Inc.

12:15 pm Luncheon Presentation (Sponsorship Opportunity Available) 

1:30 Working In and Managing an Alliance under Litigation

Karen Denton, Alliance Management Director, Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals

In today’s business environment, just because you have initiated legal proceedings against your partner (or they have against you) the alliance does not stop. Even under the cloud of litigation, alliance partners can – and often should – continue to work toward common goals and generate significant value for themselves and each other. Doing so, however, is tricky. This talk will share experiences and advice regarding: engaging leadership and communicating the forward-looking vision; reducing the level of “noise” that distracts the team(s) from moving forward; communicating the boundaries of information sharing in a way that does not lead to greater miscommunication and distrust; and, helping the project team(s) build and/or maintain a perception of the partner as a capable company able to drive value for your organization.

2:00 Norgine’s Journey: Best Practice Examples and Tools to Support Alliance Management Growth

Jan TwomblyAngela Boyhan, Ph.D., Director, Evaluation & Alliance Management, Norgine

Norgine is a rapidly growing, private, European specialty pharmaceutical company with sales in excess of € 250 M pa.  The company has multiple partnerships, covering in-licensed and out-licensed products.  The alliance management function at Norgine was established in 2009 within the Corporate and Business Development department.  This presentation will discuss the alliance management function and its evolution, the role in due diligence, the partnership with business development and product development functions, and tools and processes to effectively manage ongoing alliances and new partnerships.

2:30 A Uniquely Intimate Collaboration between Industry and Academia

Jan TwomblyPeter Covitz Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Innovation, Nordion

Nordion is collaborating with the University of Ottawa Heart Institute (UOHI), Canada’s largest cardiovascular health centre, and has established a Molecular Imaging Centre of Excellence to advance cardiology research. Nordion and UOHI scientists collaborate on the development of new cardiac imaging technologies that will be commercialized by Nordion. In addition, Nordion provides innovative molecular imaging services to biopharmaceutical companies to help them accelerate their biologics development programs. This talk will present the lessons learned from this collaboration and will describe how co-location of Nordion assets on site at the University has enabled leveraging of University faculty, staff and other resources.

3:00 Networking Refreshment Break in Exhibit Area

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4:00 Panel Discussion with Alliance Management Leaders:
The Future of Alliance Management

The Congress ends with an interactive panel discussion with several heads of alliance management. They will share their thoughts and perspectives on the issues unveiled during the large group breakout discussion on Day 1 and themes covered throughout the Congress - industry trends & deal making strategies, negotiations, alliance management lifecycle strategies, performance metrics, and effective communication management.

Stuart Kliman, J.D., Founder and Partner, Vantage Partners


Karen Denton, Alliance Management Director, Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals

Mark Wingertzahn, Head of Alliance Management and Senior Director of Research and Development, Nycomed

5:00 Close of Strategic Alliance Management Congress

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