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Biopharma Licensing Congress - Day 1

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

7:30 am Registration and Morning Coffee

8:15 Chairperson’s Remarks

Jan TwomblyDonna M. Shaw, Ph.D., CLP, Assistant Director, Life Science Licensing, UC San Diego Technology Transfer Office


Industry Trends

8:30 Panel Discussion: Capitalizing on Global Life Sciences Industry Trends and Deal Making Strategies

Jan TwomblyTibor Papp M.D., Ph.D., MBA, Head of Corporate Advisory, PharmaVentures Ltd. (Moderator)


Jan TwomblyFrances Toneguzzo, Ph.D., Executive Director, Research Ventures & Licensing Division, Partners Healthcare System


April SimoraApril Simora, Analyst, Business Development, Santarus, Inc.

Robert Bagdorf, M.D., MBA, Vice President, Worldwide Business Development, Pfizer, Inc.

Thought leaders will discuss opportunities that are in vogue now and ones coming up in the new deal making landscape. Where are the new technologies in POC diagnostics, therapeutics? What are pharma, biotech, and medical device looking for? What is venture capital trying to organize? How can research organizations make their technology more attractive? Thought leaders and attendees explore how organizations can find ways to navigate these trends to position themselves for success.

9:45 Case Study Presentation: Emerging Partners for Emerging Markets - Utilizing a Regional Biopharmaceutical Licensing Strategy

Steven FergusonSteven Ferguson, MBA, CLP, Deputy Director, Licensing & Entrepreneurship, Office of Technology Transfer, National Institutes of Health

With the rise of biopharmaceutical institutions in countries such as China, India and other areas of the world, it is becoming increasingly apparent that it is no longer an absolute requirement to rely upon a single company partner to develop a specific biopharmaceutical product on a global basis. Regional biopharmaceutical institutions offer an “alternative” business development strategy for new technologies other than that of the “one size fits all” global multi-national firms. Learn how a regional licensing approach can work based upon the experience of the National Institutes of Health.

10:15 Networking Coffee Break in Exhibit Area


Organization Strategy/Innovation

10:45 Panel Discussion: Does the Industry’s Restructuring Impact Your Organization’s Strategic Plan?

Tim HerpinTimothy Herpin, Ph.D., Director, Strategic Transactions Group, Bristol Myers-Squibb (Moderator)






Andy BrookesAndy Brookes, Divisional Vice President, Intellectual Property Strategy, Pharmaceutical Products Group, Abbott

Jan TwomblyDon Urbanowicz, Principal, Urbanowicz Consulting, LLC; formerly Vice President, Business Development, Stryker Orthopedics

Jan TwomblyJeffrey Warmke, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, External Scientific Affairs, Daiichi Sankyo Group

Should companies hold onto research function, sales force? Where will funding of various pieces come from and what will big pharma be interested in keeping for product? Can we expect same returns from investment as previously seen or are the margins smaller? Should collaborations start at an early stage? Thought leaders and attendees will explore these questions as well as how the industry’s restructuring may impact you in developing and licensing technology/products.

11:45 Case Study Presentation: A New Paradigm for Academic - Corporate Partnering

Jan TwomblyAbhijit Banerjee, Ph.D., MBA, Director, Business Development, Technology Transfer & Business Development, Oregon Health & Science University

Academic Institutes are partnering with just not only pharmaceutical and biotech companies. They are aggressively exploring and partnering with other academic institutes, hospitals, CROs, and VCs both in and outside the US. This shift in academic institutes mindset has allowed organizations to look at alliances beyond traditional licensing and sponsored research programs. This talk will explore how these models can lead to strategic alliances that are beyond the traditional licensing and sponsored programs route.

12:15 pm Luncheon Presentation (Sponsorship Opportunity Available)  


Scouting Innovation, Evaluation and Due Diligence

1:30 Panel Discussion: Organizational Models to Consider when Sourcing New Licensing Opportunities

Cynthia Hernit-Grant, Director, Business Development, MassBiologics (Moderator)

Dan MallonDan Mallon, MBA, Director, Business Development, Emergent BioSolutions

Jan TwomblyAlan Paau, Ph.D., MBA, CLP, Vice Provost for Technology Transfer & Economic Development, Cornell University; Executive Director, Cornell Center for Technology Enterprise & Commercialization; President, Cornell Research Foundation, Inc.

If you’re a big pharma company, what do you need from biotech and vice versa? What do you need from diagnostics, medical device? If you’re a large company, how do you handle inquiries and organize them en masse? How do you pick your partner? What due diligence do you need to have? Can the value model be straight forward? How do you convince companies to take the risk? How do you optimize for licensing? Thought leaders and attendees will explore these questions as well as the values of licenses and their differences between businesses (medical industry versus food industry).

2:30 Case Study Presentation: Grow Your Biosimilars Business through Licensing, Partnerships, and Acquisitions

Shyam BishenShyam Bishen, Ph.D., MBA, Former Vice President, Corporate Development, Ranbaxy

Biosimilars is a fast emerging field. This presentation will highlight the current biosimilars landscape and how companies are utilizing acquisitions to enter this lucrative field. A survey of various licensing & partnership deals for development and marketing of biosimilars will be presented. Ranbaxy’s entry into biosimilars and vaccine space through acquisitions and partnership will be highlighted as a case example.

3:00 Networking Refreshment Break in Exhibit Area

3:30 Interactive Small Discussion Groups and Report Outs

These concurrent discussion groups provide you a chance to delve deeper into some of the questions that were raised in the kick-off session and concepts that would be raised in the subsequent talks. Each discussion group will be limited to twelve (12) participants and a facilitator.

Topic 1: Finding Licensees / Partners in a Difficult Funding Environment

  • How do you pick your partner? 
  • At what stage do you "buy" into a product/technology or provide funding? 
  • How do you convince organizations to take the risk?

Topic 2: Your Partnership No Longer Has Shared Objectives - What Do you Do?

  • Do you reset your milestones? 
  • Do you renegotiate the deal structure? 
  • Do you end the partnership?

Topic 3: Are the Effects of Prior Partnerships on your M&A Helpful or a Hindrance?  

  • How do previous licensing arrangements have a role in your new partnership? 
  • Approaches/techniques on due diligence, benchmarking and smooth integration 
  • How your role may/may not be impacted

Topic 4: What's the Criteria for Killing a Deal?

  • If you're going to end a deal, how do you want to end it? 
  • How do you best foster open communication to keep the deal from falling apart? 
  • Discuss the top 3 things that will sabotage a deal

Topic 5: Can Signing a License be a Barrier to Entry?

  • Does a license need to be signed to share in the success of a partnership? 
  • Creative deal structures
  • How do you place value on early stage technology?.

5:00 - 6:00 Networking Cocktail Reception in Exhibit Area (Sponsorship Opportunity Available)

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