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August 19-20

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August 20-21

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RNA-Seq Experimental Design and Bioinformatics

Genetic Privacy: Technology and Ethics

Microbes and Human Health: The What, Where, How and Why 

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2012 DVDs

A Practical Guide to Choosing the Right SNP Detection Tool DVD Cover Next Generation Sequencing, an Overview of Technologies, Applications, and Analysis Strategies
If you are confused by the evolving, rapidly changing, and dynamic nature of the Next Generation Sequencing market, then this is the course for you.
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A Practical Guide to Choosing the Right SNP Detection Tool DVD Cover A Practical Guide to Choosing the Right SNP Detection Tool
There is an urgent need for the NGS community to be able to make the right choice from available SNP detection tools. We have used exome-seq data to evaluate the quality of SNP calls from selected discovery tools from both academic and commercial products. We compared the quality of SNP calls from selected tools side by side and assessed their global quality by checking for Mendelian inheritance inconsistencies within the SNP calls of family members and by using the SNP array data from the same samples.
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Gene Sequence DVD Cover Gene Sequence to Gene Function
Sequencing of whole genomes is advancing exponentially. While these genome sequencing efforts reveal the basic building blocks of life, a genome sequence alone is insufficient for elucidating biological function.
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Developing and Managing your NGS Pipeline DVD CoverDeveloping and Managing Your NGS Pipeline
Managing and developing a successful NGS pipeline includes pre-sequence planning; experimental design, sample procurement, DNA/RNA sample preparation; the sequence platform runs; and post-sequence data analysis, management, and storage.
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Start-to-Finish Analysis DVD CoverStart-to-Finish Analysis of a Multi-Assay Next Generation Sequencing Study
In this workshop, we present a comprehensive start-to-finish of a multi-assay NGS study. The data comes from 8 breast cancer cell lines; each assayed using the Illumina GA including DNA, small RNA, RNA, and bisulfite methylation sequencing.
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2011 DVDs

DVD CoverCloud Computing DVD This course will cover real-world use cases across drug discovery & design, collaboration, next generation sequencing, proteomics, software as a service, and bioinformatics, to explore how life sciences are using cloud computing, its challenges and effectiveness, how money can be saved by an organization, and regulatory compliance. 
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