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Future Diagnostics




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Get the Picture for Personalized Medicine: Microchip Platform Can Create Movie of the Immune System During the Course of Treatment

Dr. James Heath and his colleagues at the California Institute of Technology have developed an enabling microfluidic technology called the Single Cell Barcode Chip (SCBC). The SCBC is currently being used in a melanoma clinical trial where researchers are engineering patients’ immune systems to attack their own cancer. The chip allows scientists to look separately at all the components of the immune system that are related to attacking cancer or mediating immune response, creating a movie of the immune system during the course of a trial. Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI) sat down with Dr. Heath to discuss this novel technology, challenges, clinical need, and the future of single-cell technologies.

See the future of revolutionary diagnostic technologies at the Future Diagnostics conference this April 16-17 at the University of California, Irvine Student Center where Dr. Heath will be giving the keynote address. Diagnostic world leaders will be addressing areas such as point-of-care, nanotechnology, microfluidics, in vivo imaging, and companion diagnostics.

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