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Day 1 - Strategic Alliance Management Congress

2014 Archived Content


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Day 1 - Monday, MAY 5 

8:00 am Registration and Morning Coffee

9:00 Pre-Conference Short Course (See Details)

12:00 pm Conference Registration

An AM Update: Insights into Biopharma Alliances 

1:25 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Stuart Kliman, J.D., Partner, Vantage Partners

Vantage Partners1:30 Where Is Alliance Management Now: The
Vantage Partners Latest Survey of AM Approaches and Best Practices

Stuart Kliman, J.D., Partner, Vantage Partners

Over the last 6 months Vantage has engaged in a comprehensive cross-industry study of the current state of Alliance Management. In this discussion Vantage will for the first time present key aspects of its findings as those pertain to the biotech and pharmaceutical industry.

From the Ground Up: Building and Continuously Improving (True) Alliance Capability 

Alliance Management, while not something that every organization has in place, is nevertheless now a well understood and embedded function in most major and mid-size life sciences firms. For some organizations where this function is less defined or non-existent, an increase in alliance activity may require developing alliance capabilities or an entirely new organizational structure to successfully manage various types of alliances. For others, an already established organizational capability requires constant assessment and continuous improvement to account for evolution of deal structures and an increasing diversity within the partnership portfolio. This session will focus on discussions illuminating how true alliance capabilities are built and continuously improved within organizations.

2:15 Co-Presentation: Initiating a Joint Approach towards Building a Strong Alliance Management Capability

Eric M. Falcand, Director, Alliance Management & US Licenses, Servier Monde

Catherine Rochat, Director, R&D Alliance Management, Institut de Recherches Internationales Servier (IRIS)

Implementing effective partnerships become more acute when partnering activities are on the rise. This presentation will review how a joint approach initiated by Business Development and R&D teams has contributed to the actual building of a new organizational structure to successfully manage various types of alliances in line with the company’s culture. On this journey, not only new tools, processes and trainings have been incorporated, but a collaborative spirit was absorbed in this effort aiming at building a true and effective alliance capability. The benefits of such implementation for the company will be reviewed through some concrete examples.

2:45 Building Capabilities with Diverse Relationships

Angus Grant, Ph.D., Vice President, Business Development & Global Alliances, Celgene Corporation

3:15 Improving Your Company Alliance Capability

Karen Denton, Director, Alliance Management, Bayer Health Care Pharmaceuticals

Partnering effectively means being able to continually improve your alliance capability. This presentation will look at a variety of different methodologies for assessing alliance capability and then a framework for looking at different areas of that capability - Strategic — Extent to which the company is oriented for partnering success; Operational — Extent to which the capabilities and processes to support effective joint alliance execution and Mindset/Culture — Extent to which leadership and incentives ensure the appropriate behaviors. An implementation plan for improvement will be discussed with practical examples for building on strengths and managing weaknesses.

3:45 Refreshment Break in the Exhibit Hall

Tackling Partnership Complexities: Managing and Expanding a Diverse Portfolio 

As organizations rely more heavily on partnering, the complexity of managing a robust portfolio of diverse alliances increases. How do organizations prioritize and manage individual alliances while actively expanding and managing the overall portfolio? What types of newly established frameworks exist to deal with the growing complexities within this space? How are certain organizations adapting traditional alliance practices for long term sustainability? This session will focus on discussions addressing concerns on dealing with increasing complexity within Alliance Management.

4:15 Integration Management - The Next Frontier for Alliance Management?

Nick Dunscombe, Head, Global Alliance Management, Centre of Excellence, AstraZeneca

This presentation will summarize the work within AstraZeneca to establish a central integration management capability. This is built upon a similar model for alliance management and harnesses similar skills and capabilities.

4:45 Deploying AM Resources across a Dynamic Alliance Portfolio

Michael Iafolla Jr., Vice President, Alliance Management, Bristol-Myers Squibb

As companies become more reliant on partnering, alliance portfolio management increases in importance. The portfolio can vary from early stage to late stage assets, ‘easy’ to ‘complex,’ and specialty to primary care. Each carries its own unique challenges, but also alliance portfolio challenges as well. In addition, new alliance models, such as clinical collaborations, are emerging, furthering complexity. This session discusses concepts of alliance portfolio management.

5:15 KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: AbbVie, a New Type of Company; a New Model for Alliance Management 

Anna Maroney, Ph.D., Vice President, Head, Alliance Management, AbbVie

As a new biopharmaceutical company, AbbVie brings together the expertise of a proven pharmaceutical leader and the focus and passion of an entrepreneur. This new model requires innovative ways of thinking about alliance management. Beyond relationships and governance to creating true value, this new model brings alliance management into the partnership in a way that ensures accountability, aligned goals and pro-active risk mitigation planning. The presentation will describe the journey of building and enabling alliance management to deliver the greatest value to the company and our partnerships.

6:00 - 7:00 Welcome Reception in the Exhibit Hall (Sponsorship Opportunity Available)


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