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2016 Archived Content

WS1: The Key Skills of the Alliance Manager: Models, Tools and Frameworks for Maximum Impact

All Alliance Managers want to have impact, and most have the natural core skills to do so. That said, to have true impact Alliance Managers need to move beyond their natural ideas and inclinations and get ever more systematic and clear about their approach and get better at applying specific models and tools to their role. In this highly interactive, experiential and case study-based workshop, Alliance Managers will learn about, discuss and practice using an Alliance Manager toolkit that, coming out of the session, will enable them to both immediately and continually over time enhance their ability to make a real and positive impact on their alliances and those alliances’ ability to execute toward their goals.

Instructor: Renee Jansen, J.D., Principal, Vantage Partners

Hosted by: Vantage Partners

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