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Immunogenicity and Bioassay Summit 2014

About the Summit 

Following year-on-year success, CHI presents their 6th Annual Immunogenicity and Bioassay Summit. We present 3 conferences, 45+ presentations, 15+ breakout discussions, panel discussions, receptions, networking and many posters. Immunogenicity Prediction and Mitigation is designed to help investigators design and select non-immunogenic products for early-stage decision making, while Immunogenicity for Regulatory Success and Optimizing Bioassays for Biologics will enable investigators to overcome the complexities of bioassays and immunoassays and develop programs that ensure their products are safe and efficacious, and satisfy regulatory requirements.

Short Courses 
November 16
  • Basics of Immunogenicity Testing for Innovators and Biosimilars
  • Challenges of Immunogenicity Assessment for Innovators and Biosimilars
November 18 
  • Immunogenicity Risk Assessment & Regulatory Strategy
  • Bioassays

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