Digital Course: Scientific & Technical Considerations for Developing & Managing Biobanking Protocols

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The biospecimen research protocol is the cornerstone of any research utilizing precious biological samples and serves as a crucial tool to support both large and small biobanking programs.  Determining the quality of biological specimens continues to be a significant challenge for all research programs as investigators struggle to delineate biological change from specimen artifact.  Both financial and specimen management are interrelated components of any archival strategy which require careful management to ensure the quality and accessibility of renewable and more importantly, non-renewable biological resources.  The management of biorepository protocols is one of the largest and most important considerations when calculating costs in biobanking programs today, putting sustainable quality operations of biospecimen resources at risk.  While often overlooked, proactive management and design of biobanking protocols can dramatically improve & address critical issues helping most programs achieve the quality required for serving their community. 

Agenda At A Glance:

  • Recommended Practice for Protocol Development
  • Considerations for Evidence-based Protocol Design
  • Factors related to Downstream Analysis
  • Operational Strategies for Management of End User Protocols
  • Guidelines to Optimize IRB Review
  • Issues Related to Culling & Disaster Planning and Financial Considerations & Cost Use Cases


Who will benefit from this Digital Course? 
Biospecimen Resource Directors, Lab Managers, Technicians,  Scientists & Biobank End Users, Regulatory & Informatics Professionals and Policymakers & Grant Writers/Managers

AndrewBrooks Andrew Brooks, Ph.D., Director, Bionomics Research & Technology, Rutgers University Cell and DNA Repository, RUCDR




LisaMirandaLisa Miranda, President, Biobusiness Consulting Inc.; Former Technical Director, TTAB Core Facility, University of Pennsylvania




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