6th Annual

Kinase Inhibitor Chemistry

Shaping Current and Future Development of Kinase Inhibitors

April 22-23, 2015 


Over the past decade, kinase drug discovery has resulted in the rapid development of a new generation of cancer drugs. As kinase inhibitor discovery remains an active area for a significant portion of all efforts, developers have found new ways to expand into a deeper portion of target space within the human kinome, moved beyond cancer and into chronic disease indications, as well as shifted toward allosteric modulation, and harnessing slow-off or irreversible compounds. Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 6th annual Kinase Inhibitor Chemistry will once again bring together academic and industry leaders to network, collaborate and discuss advances in kinase discovery. Join fellow drug discovery scientists for this day-and-a-half meeting that is in the second half of CHI's larger Drug Discovery Chemistry event.


Up-to-date discussion on late breaking strategies for novel kinase inhibitor design.

Ann A., Senior Scientist, Pfizer

Preliminary Agenda

Plenary Keynote

Fragment-Based Drug Discovery: A Fifteen Year (Re-)Evolution

Harren Jhoti, Ph.D., President & CEO, Astex Pharmaceuticals


Optimizing Next-Generation Kinase Inhibitors 

Binding Kinetics as Optimization Parameter for Kinase Inhibitors

Gerhard Mueller, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Medicinal Chemistry, MercaChem BV

Next Generation Kinase Panel Screening Measuring Target Residence Time and Kinetic Selectivity

Rogier C. Buijsman, Ph.D., Head, Chemistry, Netherlands Translational Research Center B.V. (NTRC)

Targeting Mutant Kinases vs. Wild-Type in Oncology

Ray finlay, Ph.D., Team Leader, Medicinal Chemistry, AstraZeneca


Strategies for Developing Non-ATP Competitive Kinase Inhibitors 

Discovery of ABL001: A New Allosteric Inhibitor of BCR-ABL

Andreas Marzinzik, Ph.D., Director, Lead Generation Chemistry, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research

Dynamics-Based Allostery in Protein Kinases

Alexandr P. Kornev, Ph.D., Project Scientist, Department of Pharmacology, University of California, San Diego

Non-ATP Competitive Inhibitors are Selective for PLK1 and Target Tumors Resistant to Catalytic Site Compounds

Campbell McInnes, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Drug Discovery and Biomedical Sciences, University of South Carolina


Discovery of Novel Inhibitors for CNS Disorders and Chronic Disease 

Discovery of Substituted Aminopyridine Inhibitors of Dual Leucine Zipper Kinase (DLK, MAP3K12)

Snahel Patel, Scientific Manager, Discovery Chemistry, Genentech, Inc.

Nanocyclix Approach towards Unexplored Kinases: Identification of RIP2 and SIK2 Inhibitors for Application in Auto-Immune and CNS Disorders

Jan Hoflack, Ph.D., CSO, Oncodesign Biotechnology

Discovery and Development of ITK Inhibitors

Zhonghua Pei, Ph.D., Senior Scientist and Project Team Leader, Discovery Chemistry, Genentech


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