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Enabling Point of Care Diagnostics 

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7:30 am Problem Solving Breakout Discussions with Continental Breakfast

Concurrent Problem Solving Breakout Sessions are interactive, topic-specific discussions hosted by a moderator. These sessions are open to all attendees, sponsors, exhibitors, and speakers and provide a forum for discussing key issues and meeting potential partners. See website for topics.


Emerging Markets:  Overcoming Barriers to Entry

Moderator: Randy Allen, Ph.D., Manager, Corporate Relations, Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI)

• Target product profiles and how they change depending on setting
• Factors associated with POC implementation that impact market access

Lessons Learned from Mobile Health Products

Moderator: Sridhar G. Iyengar, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer, AgaMatrix Inc.

• Performance vs. Design
• Usability: Motivation vs. Ease of Use
• Business Models
• The Future - coaching and decision support

Low Cost Point of Care Technologies for Global Health

Moderator: Avraham Rasooly, Ph.D., Special Assistant for Cancer Technologies and Translational Research, Division of Cancer Biology, NCI NIH

  • What are the keys to effective medical treatment of chronic diseases
  • The potential of low cost technologies
  • How technologies could impact complex biological assays without a laboratory



8:25 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Avraham Rasooly, Ph.D., Special Assistant for Cancer Technologies and Translational Research, Division of Cancer Biology, NCI NIH


8:30 Future Diagnostics

George M. WhitesidesGeorge M. Whitesides, Ph.D., Woodford L. & Ann A. Flowers University Professor, Chemistry & Chemical Biology, Harvard University

Although the technology for point-of-care diagnostics is developing smoothly, the business model is almost certainly entering a time of radical change.  This talk will touch on some of the broad issues, including objectives, types of assays, markets, the nature of “information” in biomedicine, cost, and the cloud. 

9:00 Mobile and Cloud: Rethinking Point-of-Care Diagnostics 

Sailesh ChutaniSailesh Chutani, Ph.D., CEO, Mobisante

Point-of-care diagnostics devices coupled with the power of real-time data in the cloud can revolutionize access to health care while reducing costs. Mobisante has used this model to create a smart-phone and cloud-based ultrasound imaging system, where the collected set of images can be archived in the cloud, processed for enhancements, and analyzed for providing guidance.



9:25 Chairperson’s Remarks

Katherine Tynan, Ph.D., Business Development & Strategic Consulting for Diagnostics Companies, Tynan Consulting LLC 

9:30 From the Kitchen Counter to the Apple Genius Bar: Commercializing Consumer Medical Devices

Sridhar G. IyengarSridhar G. Iyengar, Ph.D., CTO, AgaMatrix Inc.

Bringing new technologies that bridge both consumer and medical audiences poses some unexpected challenges. The technical hurdles, business strategies and design considerations that went into creating the world's first hardware medical device to connect to the iPhone will be presented.

10:00 Health Management on Your iPhone

Jason OberfestJason Oberfest, Co-Founder and CEO, Mango Health

This talk will discuss how Mango Health has used game design principles to improve rates of medication adherence and how they plan to use the platform to migrate consumers from reactive to proactive health behavior over time.


10:15 The Last Mile - Quantified Self Platform for Caregivers

Chiara BellChiara Bell, Founder and CEO, CareTicker

Caregivers are the most critical, yet most overlooked, component of our healthcare system. We will address a radically new approach to understanding the care delivered by the 65 million caregivers annually and its impact on patient outcomes.

10:30 Coffee Break in Exhibit Hall with Poster Viewing


Perspectives on Evaluating Novel Diagnostics for Reimbursement

Moderator: Andrew C. Fish, Executive Director, AdvaMedDx

  • Levels of evidence needed to support novel diagnostics
  • Health economics
  • Analytical issues
  • CMS policy
  • Rate schedule


Aaron D. Bossler, M.D., Ph.D., Clinical Associate Professor, Director Molecular Pathology Laboratory and Molecular Genetic Pathology Fellowship Program, University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics and Co-Chair, AMP Economic Affairs Committee

Dwight Denham, MBA, Director, Clinical Research, Beckman Coulter, Inc.

Elaine K. Jeter, M.D., J1 MolDx Medical Director, Palmetto GBA

Lee H. Newcomer, M.D., Senior Vice President, Oncology, United Healthcare

12:30 pm Close of Conference

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