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SC4 Technology Trends in the Emerging Exosomes Field   


9:00 The Evolving Exosome Landscape 

Enal Razvi, Ph.D., Biotechnology Analyst, Managing Director US, SELECTBIO

The field of exosome research is expanding and is impacting a number of research areas such as stem cells, cancer, personalized medicine, and drug delivery.  The field, however, is currently in its research stage and this presentation will provide an up-to-date snapshot of the market landscape with a view toward the changes that are taking place.  I will also frame the competitive environment in my presentation. 


9:50 BEAMing and Droplet Digital PCR Analysis of Mutant IDH1 mRNA in Tumor Extracellular Vesicles 

Leonora Balaj, Researcher, Neurology & Radiology, Mass General Hospital 

Development of biofluid-based molecular diagnostic tests for cancer is an important step towards tumor characterization and real-time monitoring in a minimally invasive fashion. Extracellular vesicles (EVs) are released from tumor cells into body fluids and can provide a powerful platform for tumor biomarkers since they carry tumor proteins and nucleic acids. We used digital PCR to interrogate EVs from the CSF of glioma patients for the presence of the mutant IDH1 mRNA and reliably identified the mutant IDH1 mRNA in CSF-derived EVs from patients bearing mutant IDH1 glioma tumors. In conclusion, we report that CSF-derived EVs provide a platform for detection of brain tumor specific biomarkers.

10:40-10:55 Coffee Break 

10:55 Development and Validation of Exosomes as Diagnostic Tools

Hannah Mamuszka, Vice President, Business Development, Exosome Diagnostics

Exosomes are shed by all cells, into all body fluids, forming a rich source of intact, stable nucleic acids. Diagnostic tests based on exosome technology provide clinical access to a previously unexplored source of genetic information that comes directly from the cellular origins of disease. Cells throughout the body shed exosomes into body fluids as a natural delivery system to transmit genetic information — including genes that command disease growth such as cancer — to other cells. Exosomes represent a stable package of genetic information, including high-quality RNA that can be accessed quickly and repeatedly, from any biofluid sample, and analyzed by PCR, sequencing or array.  Exosome Diagnostics is developing tests using blood, urine and CSF for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, neurodegenerative and other diseases — without the need for tissue biopsy.

11:45 Q&A with Speakers 


12:00 Close of Course   

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