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SC7 Applications of Detection Theory in Diagnostics   


2:00 Course and Speaker Introduction 


John C. Carrano, Ph.D., President, Carrano Consulting, LLC



2:05 Part I        The Dichotomous Test 


Analysis and definition of FP, FN, CP, CN as well as sensitivity, specificity, and LOD

Construction of the Receiver Operating Characteristic

ROC Curve Trends and Interpretation

Negative and positive predictive values



3:30 Coffee Break 


4:00 Part II        Detection theory and measurements 

Applications of ROC curves in sensing and diagnostics

Mathematical principle of cost-benefit analysis and application to product choice

Principles of decision tree analysis as well as construction, interpretation and practical applications

The "spider" chart and systems level analysis


5:00 Close of Course 


Speaker Bio: 

John Carrano is President of Carrano Consulting, LLC. Previously, he was the Vice President, Research & Development, Corporate Executive Officer, and Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board for Luminex Corporation, where he led the successful development of several major new products from early conception to market release and FDA clearance. Before joining Luminex, Dr. Carrano was as a Program Manager at DARPA, where he created and led several major programs related to bio/chem sensing, hyperspectral imaging and laser systems. Dr. Carrano is a West Point graduate, and holds a doctorate in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. He has co-authored over 60 scholarly publications and has 3 patents pending. He is an SPIE Fellow.   


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