Minimizing Repeats and Making Rapid Data Driven Decisions using Automated Nanoliter-scale Immunoassays for Impurity Testing in Bioprocess and Production

November 15, 2012
11:00 – 12:30 pm EDT


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Process related impurity testing and titer determination in bioprocess and production are critical parameters that require rapid turn-around time to results and broad dynamic ranges. Host cell protein impurities are often subject to repeat testing with assays in the production of therapeutic antibodies that has created a situation in which impurity testing (e.g. host cell proteins) can often become a rate limiting step in downstream processing. With an ever-increasing portfolio to support, analytical groups need alternatives to traditional immunoanalytical methods to supply decision making data in a timely fashion. This webinar will focus on the use of automated, nanoliter-scale flow-through technology to address a critical need for improved speed, throughput and reduced repeats in process related impurity testing particularly.

Who Should Attend:

  • Scientists involved in analytics for downstream processing and purification
  • Scientists involved in QC release testing
  • Scientists involved in cell line development, bioprocess and production

Program Agenda:

Comparative HCP Testing Using Traditional and Emerging Technologies
Martha L. Jackson, Senior Research Scientist, Pfizer Inc

The Automation of a High Throughput Residual HCP Assay to Support In-Process
Analysis of Monoclonal Antibodies
Jun Hyuk Heo, Biochemist, Biotechnology New and Enabling Technologies (BNET), Merck & Co.

Speaker Information:

Jun Hyuk Heo

Biologics New & Enabling Technologies (BNET), Merck & Co., Inc. 

Moderator Information:

Meletios Roussis

Field Application Scientist
Gyros, Inc. 

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