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Antibody engineering is still a growing area with lots of exciting developments and many clinical achievements. At Antibody Engineering for Lab Success, your staff can attend a full day of intensive instructional courses that will take them from fundamental engineering concepts through real world applications. These accredited introductory courses will be taught by experienced trainers, who will focus on content applicable to current research goals and guide those new to the field or just getting started on their path to lab success. Courses will include real-life case studies, problems encountered and solutions applied, along with extensive coverage of academic theory and background. Each course will offer a mix of formal lecture and interactive discussions and activities to maximize the learning experience.

A foundation of antibody engineering principles designed for: 

  • Entry level scientists looking for a foundation
  • Research associates needing a refresher
  • Professionals changing disciplines
  • Senior management needing to get up to speed
  • Non-scientists wanting a basic understanding

Morning Course: 


Antibody discovery and engineering are integral and essential parts of an antibody drug discovery program. This course will introduce a general work flow of an antibody project from preparation for its launch to having the drug candidates with an emphasis on selecting the proper discovery and engineering tools to achieve the intended goal. Participants of this course will gain a general understanding of the processes and assays that as a whole increase the chance of a successful antibody drug discovery program.

Afternoon Course: 


Engineering is an essential component in the generation of optimized biotherapeutics. This course will give an overview of the optimization of scFvs to improve stability and activity, as well as, assembly of these candidates into a final therapeutic antibody-like molecule. Fc engineering for PK extension and effector function will also be explored. Participants will gain a general understanding of engineering and selection techniques used for the optimization of biotherapeutics.

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