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For the past 15 years, Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI) has developed over 700 conferences, which have attracted over 60,000 attendees from around the world. CHI strives to develop quality programs that provide valuable new insights and competing points of view while offering balanced coverage of the latest developments. 

Each year, CHI organizes over 100 annual events geared to the biotech and pharmaceutical industries with specific focuses on Biomarkers, Genomics, Proteins and Proteomics, Drug Discovery & Development, IT and Informatics, Chemistry, Diagnostics & Safety and Business our flagship events include:

  • Beyond Genome
  • PepTalk: The Protein Information Week
  • World Pharmaceutical Congress
  • PEGS: The Protein Engineering Summit
  • Bio-IT World Conference & Expo
  • Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference

CHI is the industry leader in offering quality programs that provide valuable new insights and competing points of view while offering balanced coverage of the latest developments. Leading researchers and business experts from top pharmaceutical, biotech and academic organizations present their most current findings in a forum that features panel discussions and audience participation.

About The Pharmaceutical Strategy Series: (
The Pharmaceutical Strategy Series (PSS) programs have been designed to help the R&D leaders and corporate executives assess business opportunities, enhance corporate value and forecast the economic and regulatory landscape within the rapidly changing pharmaceutical & biotechnology industries. PSS chooses the most topical issues to cover, based largely on advice given by the PSS Advisory Board. The Advisory Board is comprised of decision-makers at most of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies. Presentations in each Executive Forum will give you the ideas, information, and resources you need to make faster and smarter decisions.


About Insight Pharma Reports: (
Insight Pharma Reports is the premier life science information provider. Insight Pharma Reports offer unparalleled coverage of key issues in drug discovery and development. Our reports are used by leading pharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostic, and other life science companies to keep abreast of the latest developments in pharmaceutical R&D and their potential applications and business impacts. The reports are written by experts in consulting and industry, and are supported by hundreds of hours of primary and secondary research. Insight Pharma Reports provide comprehensive coverage of salient issues in a concise, well-organized format."

Publications & eNewlsetters

About Cambridge Healthtech Institute Media Group:
Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Media Group delivers content to decision makers through its print, online and electronic products designed to serve the life sciences community. CHI’s editors are at the pulse of the market and dispense information on the hottest topics through Bio-IT World and Digital HealthCare & Productivity and their respective web sites as well as content-specific e-newsletters: PharmaWeek, eCliniqua, Systems Biology, Biomarker Breakthroughs, and Bio-IT World Weekly Update
About Bio-IT World: (
Bio-IT World publishes critical information across a variety of media to meet the needs of bio-IT professionals. Coverage focuses on the range of tools and techniques, both computational and experimental, that increase the efficiency and success of drug discovery, development, and clinical trials. 

Bio-IT World and accompanying website,, as well as content-specific e-newsletters (eCliniqua, Weekly Update, and Systems Biology) impact over a hundred thousand life science professionals every month. Established in September 2001, Bio-IT World has received more than 34 awards for editorial and design excellence.

About PharmaWeek: (
PharmaWeek e-newsletter provides a top-line look at the pharmaceutical world and surrounding arenas. Targeted to reach 20,000 R&D and executive leaders in the pharmaceutical industry PharmWeek delivers weekly exclusive analysis on major trends, key strategies, leading executives, or general business as well as career advice.
About Digital Healthcare & Productivity: (
Digital HealthCare & Productivity is a twice-weekly electronic publication that delivers authoritative information on the adoption of digital technology in healthcare and how digital technologies can boost productivity. Digital HealthCare & Productivity, delivered to 40,000 healthcare professionals, will cover the technologies but with a focus on selecting from among available technology solutions; a heavy emphasis on implementation methods; and the clear linking these two former activities have to achieving ROI. The accompanying website, offers news, commentary, and online resources to the health-IT community. 
About Bio-IT World's eCliniqua: (
Bio-IT World's eCliniqua, issued 3x per month to 30,000 clinical professionals, offers authoritative news, views, and opinion on the impact of IT on the conduct of clinical trials. Specific topics include: electronic data capture, clinical data management, regulatory compliance, electronic patient diaries, clinical research organizations, phamacovigilance and data repositories.
About Bio-IT World's Systems Biology: (
Bio-IT World's Systems Biology e-newsletter, authored by Executive Editor, John Russell, focuses on the tools, strategies, and companies driving integrative biology. Issued monthly to 35,000 life science professionals, this newsletter reports on companies and organizations delivering systems and in silico biology products and services. It also covers the efforts and attitudes for biopharmaceutical companies to adopt and implement systems biology technologies and approaches. 
About Bio-IT World’s Weekly Update: (
Bio-IT World’s Weekly Update is a weekly digest of the key industry news of the week, highlights and features from the latest issue of Bio-IT World magazine and online, opinion and commentary, new product reviews, upcoming events, and much more.
About Inside IT: (
Bio-IT World's Inside IT e-newsletter, distributed monthly to 30,000, covers the latest from the world of information technology including products, personnel, and industry standards, as they pertain to the life sciences. Topics covered include high performance computing, grid computing, networking technologies, IT industry standards, web services, storage infrastructure, and more.

Marketing Services

CHI's Marketing Services: (
The Marketing Services group is an ideal solution for companies seeking assistance in all aspects of Life Sciences direct marketing. CHI’s Marketing Services continues to be chosen #1 over our competitors for one reason - We deliver results that impact the bottom-line with many services to choose from! Services to choose from include List Rentals, Direct Marketing, Product and Service Alerts and Mail Piece Designs.


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