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Thank you for your interest in CHI’s conference proceedings. Each CD contains the most recent conference program, speaker presentations, as well as poster abstracts presented at the conference. Links to conference sponsors and exhibiting companies are also provided. 

Copies of the CD become available on the day of the conference. The cost for a CD is $250.00. For those individuals who have attended the meeting and would like additional CD, the cost is $70.00 (Shipping charges will be added for all orders)

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   PEPTALK: The Protein Information Week  January 12-15, 2004 

High Content Analysis  January 29-30, 2004
(electronic proceedings only, click here for more info)

Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies  February 23-24, 2004
Advancing Library Design and Organic Synthesis  February 23-26, 2004

    Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference  March 23-26, 2004 

Stratified Pharmaceutical Therapeutics  March, 1 2004 & April 23, 2004

Pharmaceutical Alliance Management Congress  April 15-16, 2004
Profiting in Fragmented Markets  April 23, 2004
Microarrays in Medicine  April 26-27, 2004 
Genomic and Proteomic Sample Preparation  April 26-28, 2004
Laser Capture Microdessection (LCM)  April 28-29, 2004

Structure-Based Drug Design April 26-28, 2004
(electronic proceedings only, click here for more info)

Glycomics  April 26-27, 2004
Phage Display Technologies  April 26-27, 2004
Recombinant Antibodies  April 28-29, 2004
Monoclonal Anibodies  April 30, 2004

Biomarker Validation and Cancer Biomarkers  May 3-5, 2004
(electronic proceedings only, click here for more info)

Creating an Organizational Culture that Improves Productivity
    May 3-5, 2004

    Intelligent Drug Discovery & Development  May 17-19, 2004

GPCRs June 7-8, 2004
Protein Kinase Targets June 9-10, 2004

    Beyond Genome June 21-24, 2004

PCR and Beyond June 21-23, 2004
DNA Forensics June 24-25, 2004
Managing Projects and Resources June 24-25, 2004
Drug Profiling Strategies  June 28-June 29, 2004
Validation and Results from Virtual Screening  June 30-July 1, 2004

Protein Biomarkers 2004  September 8-10, 2004

BioDefense  August 18-19, 2004
BioMEMS & NANOtechnology World August 16-17, 2004
Microarray Data Analysis  August 18-20, 2004
Pharmaceutical Process Chemistry  Sept. 20-21, 2004 
Drug Discovery & Development Collaboration 2004 Sept. 20-21, 2004 
GLP BioAnalysis Sept. 21-22, 2004
Cancer Immunotherapeutics  Sept. 20-21, 2004 
Fluorescent Proteins in Drug Development November 15-16, 2004

    Discovery On Target November 9-12, 2004

Signal Transduction November 8-9, 2004
Tissue Models for Drug Discovery November 8-9, 2004
Natural Product Chemistry November 10-11, 2004
Safety/Toxicity Biomarkers November 15-16, 2004
Idiosyncratic Toxicity November 17-18, 2004
In vivo Molecular Imaging November 16-17, 2004
Metabolic Profiling & Analytical Methods for Metabolic Profiling December 13-15, 2004
Drug Metabolism & Analytical Methods for Metabolic Profiling December 13-15, 2004

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