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CurrentPartnering is the partnering best practice and report publishing arm of Wildwood Ventures Ltd.

CurrentPartnering is an online provider of best practice, business information and intelligence for dealmakers.

CurrentPartnering offers the following services to the business development community:


CurrentPartnering is a publisher in its own right. We publish a series of reports each year, providing access to critical decision making and best practice intelligence from leaders in the partnering field.

Best practice – reports providing insight into best practice and trends in partnering

Directories – detailed analysis of partnering interests and activity of companies worldwide

Contracts – obtain an insight and understanding of the terms acceptable to a potential partner

Best practice articles

The core of the service is to provide access to latest best practice, business intelligence and information for dealmakers. We search out the latest information so you don’t have to and place it in one location, saving you precious time and resources.


CurrentPartnering provides you with access to the latest and best publications from leading publishers, ensuring you have direct access to the best information and intelligence available.

Reports – the latest reports from leading publishers worldwide, all available to purchase online

Books – the latest books on licensing, M&A and business development best practise, available to purchase, or to borrow if out of print

Contracts – comprehensive databank of actual contracts between deal partners – essential intelligence on actual deal terms

Community tools

Events – a comprehensive listing of forthcoming partnering events, conferences and training courses for business development executives

Careers – resources for people on the move

Resources – our links to other online information sources on all matters relating to partnering

Glossary – need to know what a partnering terms means? Find it in our comprehensive glossary of partnering terms, together with real examples from contract documents

In the news – our CurrentPartnering discussion will keep you posted on the latest news, articles and reports as well issues and trends in business development

CurrentPartnering was established in 2007 to offer an objective and informal business tool for business development executives, providing an opportunity for the dissemination of the latest trends in partnering activity within the biopharma sector. In addition, CurrentPartnering will seek to share best practice with other industry sectors.

CurrentPartnering is a trademark of Wildwood Ventures Ltd.

Wildwood Ventures Ltd. is a registered company in the UK - number: 5722617

Registered Office: Allanmere House, 6 Hobgate, York, YO24 4HF, United Kingdom

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