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The successful development and market access of new medicines is becoming increasingly reliant on harnessing an alliance ecosystem throughout the biopharma value chain. As a result, a growing number of strategic partnerships have driven the need for innovative and systematic methods, processes, and best practices for the successful execution and management of an expanding variety of agreements. As developers strive to derive as much value as possible from investments, what practical solutions exist to overcome innate and ubiquitous partnership challenges while improving organizational Alliance Management (AM) function and capability? How is the Alliance Management skill set evolving to meet the demands of modern drug development? Where are the greatest opportunities for enhancing the overall health and success of each partnership? How can diligent Alliance Management deliver a competitive advantage, drive value for stakeholders, and augment a firm's partnership competency from opportunistic to endemic?

Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 12th Annual Strategic Alliance Management Congress, May 4-6, brings together senior alliance management, business development, technology transfer and licensing professionals, to network, share experiences, discuss case studies, and to highlight components that cultivate successful partnerships. Delegates will gain strategic insights, proven tools, methods, and perspectives from a variety of leaders advancing the art of alliance management.

Preliminary Agenda 

Building Capabilities While Rapidly Expanding the Portfolio

Angus Grant, Ph.D., Vice President, Business Development & Global Alliances, Celgene Corporation


Strategic Alliances from the Little Guy's Perspective

Doug Williams, Vice President, Alliance Management, Kadmon


The Sanofi Case Study of Building an Effective Alliance Management Organization

Frank Grams, Ph.D., Vice President, Head, Alliance Management & Transactions, Sanofi


Planes, Trains and Automobiles: How an Open Global Multi-Stakeholder Model for Systemic Transformation Will Save the Pharmaceutical Industry

Greg Koski, President and CEO, Executive Office, ACRES (Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety)


Strategic Partnering with “Uncle Sam”

José M. Ochoa, Vice President Strategic Alliances, Emergent BioSolutions, Inc.
Steven M. Ferguson, CLP, Deputy Director, Licensing & Entrepreneurship, Office of Technology Transfer, NIH


Alliance Management Initiatives at Bayer

Karen Denton, Director, Alliance Management, Bayer Health Care Pharmaceuticals


Internal Alliance Governance Board

Lena Frank, Executive Director, Program and Alliance Management, Eisai


Panel Discussion: Alliance Management & Project Management – Managing the Divide

Lena Frank, Executive Director, Program and Alliance Management, Eisai

Panelists to be Announced

Alliance Management (AM) and Project/Program management (PM) can be similar enough that many companies struggle to manage the divide between the functions, or debate if the two functions need to be separate. This panel will discuss their experience with tackling the issues of whether alliance management and project management should be treated separately or as a combined function, including the following topics:

  • Benefits of separate functions versus single function
  • Assigning roles and responsibilities
  • Ensuring responsibilities of both functions managed adequately

Industry and Academia, Critical Partnerships

Michelle Ellefson, Director, Research and Innovation, Steno Diabetes Center/Novo Nordisk A/S


Managing Alliance Crisis and Public Statements

Mike Berglund, Director, Alliance Management, Eli Lilly and Company


Establishing a Central Integration Management Capability

Nick Dunscombe, Head, Global Alliance Management, Centre of Excellence, AstraZeneca


Measuring Alliance Management: Quantify Your Value by Showing How You Mitigate Risk and Solve Problems

Steve Twait, Senior Director, Alliance Management and M&A Integration, Office of Alliance Management, Eli Lilly and Company


Vantage PartnersEnhancing Your Organizational AM Capability: Beyond the AM Function

Stuart Kliman, J.D., Partner, Vantage Partners


Academic Vs. Companion Diagnostic Partnerships

Teresa Faria, Ph.D., Senior Director, Alliance Management, External Scientific Affairs, Daiichi Sankyo, Inc.


Companion Diagnostic Co-Development Models

Varavani Dwarki, Ph.D., Worldwide Head, Alliance Management Oncology, Sanofi-Aventis


Short Course 

Monday May 4th, 2015 | 1:30 – 4:30 pm

Vantage PartnersBuilding a Truly Impactful Alliance Management Community of Practice: The Keys to Success

Instructor to be Announced

Many organizations look to drive alliance management capability through the development and implementation of an Alliance Management Community of Practice. Unfortunately most of those efforts fail to create the desired value. This half day working session is designed to walk you through the steps necessary to create a strong, sustainable and impactful Alliance Management Community of Practice.

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