The Challenge of Antibacterial Drug Development

Resistant bacterial strains are becoming an increasing challenge, which needs to be addressed immediately. This is a great opportunity for the pharmaceutical industry. There is a growing need to develop novel defense mechanisms and novel strategies to treat bacterial infections.  To successfully tackle antibacterial resistance, novel targets are only part of the equation - challenges which also need to be addressed include new developments with gram-negative bacteria, predicting toxicology, selectivity, resistance, permeability and pharmacokinetics of new leads, as well as creating new models for optimization of leads and compounds. This conference is designed to bring together top level scientists from the academic, pharmaceutical and biotech fields to define and refine the path of developing novel antibacterials. Don’t miss the opportunity to discuss the current challenges and newest ideas and results and to present your own research and concepts in form of a poster to an international assembly of experts at this successful event.

Presenting Organizations:

  • AstraZeneca
  • Basilea
  • Replidyne
  • Trius Therapeutics
  • Rib-X Pharmaceuticals
  • Targanta
  • Novexel
  • The Scripps Research Institute

Topics Presented:

  • Structure-Based Design
  • Novel Therapeutic
  • Developments
  • Case Studies
  • Novel Strategies
  • Bacterial Quorum
  • Sensum
  • Animal Models
  • Synthetic Mimetics
  • Lantibiotics
  • MRSA

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