Digital Course: Next-Generation Sequencing Data Management

Recorded at: Bio-IT World Conference & Expo

BioTeam sponsored a workshop at CHI's Bio-IT World event called Next-Generation Sequencing Data Management.  Due to the success of the workshop, CHI & BioTeam have collaborated to produce a Next-Generation Sequencing Data Management digital course.  The digital course is available and can be yours today!

About this Product:BioTeam has been on the frontlines of next-generation sequencing integration, having helped several organizations with the unique next-gen IT, storage, and data management challenges.  This workshop presented real-world customer experiences straight from the trenches.  Practical information about the analysis, assessment, design, implementation, testing, and support needed to bring a research organization from technology adoption to publication in the next-gen world were covered. 

About this Product:The 175 minute digital course includes 6 presentations perfectly synchronized with power point slides.  If you missed this $895.00 workshop, this digital course can be yours for only $195.00! 

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Product Includes

  • 6 Presentations 

  • 127 Slides 

  • 175 Minutes 

  • Only $195.00 


Speakers included: 

ModeratorWilliam Van Etten, Ph.D., Founding Partner & Director of Consulting Services, BioTeam, Inc
Length: 5:35 Personal Genetics with Second Generation SequencingGeorge Church, Ph.D., Professor of Genetics & Director of the Center for Computational Genetics, Harvard Medical School
Length: 44:40 

Bringing Next-Generation Sequencing Technologies into Large-Scale ProductionMatthew Trunnell, Group Leader, APSG, Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard
Length: 34:12 

Meeting the Challenges of Data Management & Analysis for New Sequencing Technologies in an Academic Core FacilityGeorge Grills, Director of Operations of Core Facilities, Cornell University Life Sciences Core Lab Center Cornell University
Length: 39:40 

Implementing Next-Generation Sequencing in the Small Research Lab
Timothy Read, Ph.D., Principle Investigator, Naval Medical Research Center
Length: 23:43

Next-Generation Computing Strategies for Next-Generation Sequencing
Wilfred Pinfold, Ph.D., General Manager, Integrated Analytical Solutions, Intel Corporation
Length: 26:41



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