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Many executives are reluctant to support the allocation of funds and personnel to pre-competitive
consortia, for a variety of reasons.  The strong emphasis of avoiding information-sharing in order to
avoid providing any benefit to competitors, poor experience with unproductive consortia involvement
in the past, the lack of confidence that such efforts will provide an attractive return on investment,
or worries over how to handle difficult and unfamiliar issues related to consortia, are just some
of the reasons given for less than enthusiastic support.  At a time when the industry is desperate
to find ways to deliver value and enhance productivity at reduced cost, pre-competitive consortia,
if organized and managed well, offer very good potential for delivering just that combination. As part
of the emphasis of this conference on Best Practices in Collaborative Innovation, CHI has decided to
compile profiles of a number of good examples of pre-competitive consortia and provide a copy of
those profiles to all registered attendees prior to the conference.  This compilation should help provide
attendees with a common baseline of knowledge about different consortia, as well as broader
awareness of the number and variety of efforts that are currently underway.

Request for Suggestions: Help us make the coverage of the consortia profiled be as comprehensive
as possible by suggesting consortia to be included.  Below is a listing of pre-competitive consortia to
be profiled.  If you are involved with a consortia that is not listed, or are aware of ones that should be
listed, help us make the listing more complete. Please send us your suggestions by filling out the form

Consortia and other Collaborative Innovation Examples

1000 Genomes Project
ALCMI (Addario Lung Cancer Medical Insititute) 
Cambridge Healthtech Associates
Cancer Biomarkers Collaborative
Cardiac Safety Research Consortium
Coalition Against Major Diseases
Collaborative Drug Discovery, Inc.
CollabRx, Inc.
Community Structure Activity Resource
CQDM (Québec Consortium for Drug Discovery)
Critical Path Institute
Diligen (Drug Induced Liver Injury Genetics)
DILIN (Drug Induced Liver Injury Network)
Drug Safety Executive Council
Dundee Signaling Consortium
Enlight Biosciences
EPA ToxCast Program
European Innovative Medicines Initiative
Health Commons
ILSI Biomarker Working Group
Imaging Consortium for Drug Development
InnoMed PredTox
International Cancer Genome Consortium
International Sheep Genome Consortium
Lhasa Ltd.
Liver Toxicity Biomarker Study
Medicines for Malaria Venture
Microarray Quality Consortium
Myelin Research Foundation
NEALS (The Northeast ALS Consortium)
NIH Biomarkers Consortium
Oncology Biomarker Qualification Initiative
READNA (Revolutionary Approaches and Devices for Nucleic Acid Analysis)
Serious Adverse Events Consortium
Stem Cells 4 Safer Medicine
Stem Cells for Predictive Toxicology
TOP Institute Pharma (TI Pharma)
World Wide Web Life Science Working Group
Plant Associated Microbe Gene Ontology Interest Group
Gene Ontology Consortium
Translational Medicine Research Collaboration
Collaboration for AIDS Vaccine Discovery
Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative
Structural Genomics Consortium
Myocardial Infarction Genetics Consortium
Wellcome Trust Case Consortium
Cardiogenics Consortium
siRNA Cancer Drug Delivery Consortium

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