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Track 3: Success Drivers in Implementing Effective Alliance Management Strategies


This conference will focus on the steps involved in executing alliance and partner deals once the contract is signed. Themes covered include new trends and best practices in alliance management; measuring financial impact and value; metrics and tools; successful organization drivers; developing alliance capability; team building, and engaging senior management. 

  • New Trends and Best Practices in Alliance Management
  • Top 3 Things Alliance Management Groups Should Focus On
  • Measuring Financial Impact of Alliance Management
    • How Does Alliance Management Help Companies Save Money?
    • Measuring Overall Financial Health of Relationship
    • Demonstrating ROI and Reward
  • Utilizing Metrics and Integrating Tools for Effective Alliances, Projects and Collaborations
  • Organization: Success Drivers in Alliance Management
    • Efficient Decision Making Across the Organization: How Best to Communicate Within and Outside Complex and Inter-Related Teams
    • Cross Border Deals with China, India, Korea, and Japan: How to Successfully Execute & Manage a Global Alliance and Integrate Cultures
    • Developing and Rolling-out an Alliance Management Strategy to Your Organization
    • How to Maintain Health and Status of a Partnership Over Long Periods of Time
    • Working with Academia & University Start Ups
    • Value Capture
      • Governance  - 'Customer' Testimonials on How Alliance Management Is Adding Value in a Company
      • Effective Transition from Negotiation to Alliance Management
    • Big Pharma Alliances
      • Managing Alliances between Big Pharma and Small Biotech
      • Pitfalls in Attracting Big Pharma Alliances
      • Managing Alliances with Big Pharma after Deals Are Made
  • Establishing an Alliance Management Career Track
  • Developing an Alliance Capability
  • Getting the Difference Between Alliance Management and Project Management
  • Keeping Team Members ‘Focused’ When Senior Management is ‘Not Playing Well in the Sandbox’

Please click here to submit a proposal.  The deadline for submission is October 6, 2009.

Please note that due to limited speaking slots, preference is given to pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Additionally, as per the program policy, a select number of vendors/consultants who provide products and services to these biopharmaceutical companies are offered opportunities for podium presentation slots based on a variety of Corporate Sponsorships.

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Arnie Wolfson
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Cambridge Healthtech Institute
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