Digital Course: Strategies for Molecular Diagnostic Companies


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Digital Course: Strategies for Molecular Diagnostic Companies

June 10, 2010 About this Product:
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The power of molecular diagnostics to direct the choice of therapies, reduce costs, and provide clinically valuable information is resulting in major market changes. The new science and new business strategies have led to strong investor interest in the field.

This digital course reviews new and old models and describes several alternative strategies which diagnostic firms may pursue. Depending on the venture’s strengths and weaknesses, partnering or course changes may be appropriate, particularly in seeking future funding. 


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This digital course offers answers and insights on the following topics: 

  • Why and how diagnostics markets have changed
  • Characteristics of successful ventures
  • Alternate strategies for success
  • What are your assets?
  • How to consider your strategy
  • Conventional or new markets: Which to pursue?
  • Potential partners
  • Your next round of funding: where and why? 


Course format and instructors:
Three-hour presentation and discussion by course instructors:

Keith BatchelderKeith F. Batchelder, M.D.,
CEO, Genomic Healthcare Strategies

Peter MillerPeter S. Miller, COO,
Genomic Healthcare Strategies

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