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Kinase Inhibitor Chemistry - Charting the Chemical Space 2009


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Tuesday, April 7

12:30pm Registration


1:30 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks


1:40 Exploiting Kinase Polypharmacology in Cell Cycle Regulation via High-Content Imaging

Jeffrey Sutherland, Ph.D., Discovery Informatics, Eli Lilly and Company

Limitations of target-based drug discovery include the consequences of removing target proteins from their cellular context, wherein modifications or interactions with other proteins may play essential roles, and an inability to anticipate polypharmacology. This presentation focuses on drug discovery efforts at Lilly taking advantage of high content imaging methods coupled with informatics tools to collect and analyze data from disease relevant cellular systems and their potential to guide SAR.

2:10 Binding Modes of Fragment-Like Kinase Inhibitors

Keith Constantine, Ph.D., Bristol-Myers Squibb

Strategies for Observing and Interpreting Kinase-Inhibitor Nuclear Overhauser
Effects In support of kinase drug discovery efforts at Bristol Myers Squibb, we have developed and utilized methods for rapidly observing and interpreting nuclear Overhauser effects (NOEs) from kinase-inhibitor complexes. This presentation will illustrate the use of residue type-selective protonation and/or protein stabilization for observing kinase-inhibitor NOEs with adequate sensitivity, and how such data can greatly assist the structural modeling of these complexes. Our results include the detection of relatively large protein conformational changes in response to a relatively small inhibitor modifications, and the descrimination of multiple and single binding modes for fragment-like kinase inhibitors. The application of a pose scoring algorithm (NOE matching) to a kinase-inhibitor complex will also be described.

2:40 Title to be Announced

Peter A. Petillo, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Dicephera Pharmaceuticals

3:10 Sponsored Presentation

3:25 Networking Refreshment Break in the Exhibit Hall


4:05 From HTS to Clinical Compound: Discovery of Potent and Exquisitely Selective C-Met Inhibitor PF-4217903

Jingrong Jean Cui, Ph.D., Associate Research Fellow, Research Chemistry, Pfizer, Inc.

PF-4217903 was a potent and exquisitely selective c-Met inhibitor currently in Phase I clinical trial for oncology application. This unique drug discovery story covered structure evaluation of a HTS Hit, identification of an exquisitely selective c-Met inhibitor binding mode, structure based drug design, and medicinal chemistry lead optimization on ADME,in vivo PK and toxicity properties.

4:35 Identification of Potent and Selective Inhibitors of Trk Kinases

Tao Wang, Ph.D., Principal Scientist, Cancer, AstraZeneca

The design, synthesis and biological evaluation of a series of potent Trk kinase inhibitors is reported. High-throughput screening identified a promising hit. Initial optimization of the series led to improvement of in vitro potency. Further optimization using two strategies resulted in significant improvement of physical properties.

5:05 Breakout Discussions with the Experts

Topic 1: discussing pre-clinical challenges

Moderator: Stephan K. Grant, PhD, Senior Director, Biochemistry and Primary Screening Oncology Research Unit Pfizer La Jolla Laboratories

Topic 2: Residence time - the new dimension for lead optimization

Moderator: Doris Hafenbradl, Ph.D., Executive VP, Screening & Proteins, Proteros

solutions for kinetic drug-target interaction studies 
new technologies and methodsis slow always better?
In vitro and in vivo comparisons
Entropy and enthalpy – new parameters on the horizon?

Topic 3: Fragment-Based Drug Design

Moderator: Dr. Patrick Zarrinkar, Ph.D., VP of Technology Development, Ambit Bio

6:15 End of Day

Day 2 


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