Bio-It World

“Bio-IT World promised us hundreds of leads when we signed up for their white paper marketing program. And they delivered. They have obviously put a lot of time and thought into how to use the web as an effective lead generation tool.”

James Nichols, VP, Product Strategy & Marketing, Thomson Scientific 


"CHI’s HCA meeting is the premier event in high-content analysis, the place to show first-release data and to advance cutting-edge ideas."

Ralph G., Research Leader, Cell-based HTS and Robotics Group, Roche Discovery Technologies 

Insight Pharma Reports

"CHI's Insight Pharma Reports are a cost-effective and reliable source of information about the markets we serve. The cost for us to conduct this kind of business research on our own would be prohibitive. CHI's Insight Pharma Reports allow us to keep on top of developments in this rapidly moving field."

Donald N. Halbert, Ph.D., EVP of R&D, Iconix Biosciences