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IntroToAdoptiveTCellDVDpreviewOrder Now Immunology Basics for Chemists
This course is aimed for medicinal chemists or anyone who needs a good immunology review or would like a better understanding of the major cellular and molecular components of the immune system with a focus on the targets relevant to drug discovery. The course reviews the inflammatory process and then covers the major autoimmune & inflammation-related diseases that are actively being researched. The last portion of the course covers the current treatment landscape and promising drug targets.

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IntroToAdoptiveTCellDVDpreviewOrder Now Trends in Physical Properties of Drugs
The physical properties of drugs influence all aspects of their discovery, development, formulation, and administration. They are key to efficacy, effective assays, and in vivo delivery. This course will discuss latest trends and state-of-the art of prediction and measurement of key properties.

  • Properties important for enhanced efficacy, delivery, and formulation
  • pKa, tautomerism, crystallization, others
  • Computational prediction: What works - what doesn’t
  • Experimental best practices

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