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Kip Harry, Conference Director at Cambridge Healthtech Institute discusses epigenetic drug discovery with Dr. Matthew Fuchter, Senior Lecturer of Synthetic and Medicinal Chemistry at the Imperial College London.

Questions Include:

  • From an inhibitor development standpoint, what methods do you use for discovery to lead?
  • Why do you choose natural products to aid in targeting epigenetic modifiers and is there limited chemical matter in this space?
  • What opportunities are there for infectious disease and other indications?
  • What has ignited all this interest in developing second generation epigenetic inhibitors – particularly targeting Histone Methyltransferases, Demethylases and BET Bromodomains?
  • Have we learned anything from approved compounds?
  • What are major challenges seen in the development of novel epigenetic inhibitors?
  • What about safety and toxicity of compounds – is this a major concern?
  • What talks/topics are you looking forward to during the Epigenetic Inhibitor Discovery Meeting?
  • How quickly can we expect to see these novel medicines reaching patients in need?
  • Is combination therapy where we will see the greatest impact in this space?
  • Some compare the epigenetic enzymes to kinases, where they will provide years of fertile grounds for discovery. What do you think?