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Expert Review of Vaccines

Expert Review of Anticancer Therapy


GE Healthcare

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ImVacs Immunotherapeutics & Vaccine Summit

The Leading International Vaccine Event

Provides a snapshot of where vaccine research and development stands today.  

  • Crucial topics

  • Important speakers

  • Excellent talks

  • Abundant networking

This event brings together a unique mix of vaccine professionals from companies—large & small, government agencies, academics, and nonprofit institutes to discuss issues surrounding the development of today’s vaccines around the world.

The warm, collegial atmosphere provides the perfect setting for sharing information and forging relationships.

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Novel Vaccines: Bridging Research, Development & Production
Topics include: multivalency, universal vaccines, DNA vaccines, novel delivery systems, adjuvants, and vaccine manufacturing.

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Advances in Cancer Vaccines
Topics include: dendritic cells, enhancing T cell recognition, autologous therapies, adjuvants, monitoring and TLRs.

Clinical Risk Managment
Clinical Risk Management for Vaccines
Topics include:
safety, patient enrollment & screening, regulation, adverse reactions, dosing, & monitoring.


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