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Cambridge Healthtech Institute is pleased to bring you the Tenth Annual ImVacS: Immunotherapy and Vaccine Summit. From its beginnings as a lone adjuvants conference, ImVacS has grown to a multi-track event spanning vaccines, immunotherapies, and platform technologies. This year's event has been expanded to five days with coverage on adjuvants, vaccine and immunotherapy technologies, immunomodulatory therapeutic antibodies for cancer, combination cancer immunotherapy, and T cell target discovery. ImVacS 2015 promises to be a must-attend event for commercial and academic entities to continue advancing immunotherapies and vaccines through technology and innovation.

PLENARY KEYNOTE: Dangerous Thoughts on Immunotherapy by Polly C. Matzinger, Ph.D. Senior Investigator, Ghost Lab, Laboratory of Immunogenetics, NAID/NIH

Polly-MatzingerWhat we think influences what we do. If we continue to view the immune system through the old fashioned self-non-self model, the likelihood of finding truly effective immunotherapies is vanishingly small, whether those therapies are for autoimmunity, cancer or transplantation. I will delineate the different predictions from the various models of immunity and show how they influence how we approach immunotherapy.



  • A new plenary keynote session will bring together 300 conference attendees in one session.
  • Expanded coverage on T cell target discovery with an emphasis on CAR T cells.
  • An additional conference track, Gene Editing for Immunotherapy, has been added.
  • The latest developments in vaccine adjuvants will be presented.
  • A new conference, Rational Combination Cancer Immunotherapy, will explore the strategies driving specific types of immunotherapy combinations and look at next generation tools.

Conference Tracks



Gene Editing for Immunotherapy 



Each year, ImVacS brings vaccine professionals together from around the world to discuss the crucial issues surrounding vaccine development. Along with presenting a snapshot of where vaccines stand today, the meeting also provides an important venue for networking, information exchange, and establishing collaborations.

The “Novel Vaccines” meeting explores how vaccine development is being innovated in order to create more efficacious vaccines, such as using Systems Biology or Reverse Vaccinology. The use of adjuvants – their safety and mode of action – will also be discussed, as will DNA vaccines, Toll-Like Receptors, and novel modes of delivery. In addition, how improved vaccines are targeting infectious diseases will be addressed and updated.

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2015 IMVACS-The Immunotherapies & Vaccine Summit

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