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Welcome Sponsors and Exhibitors! Thank you for your participation in the 2015 ImVacS Immunotherapies and Vaccine Summit. EHXIBIT INFORMATION AVAILABLE IN MAY.

 Required for Exhibitors & Sponsors
Submit your company description for the Program Guide
Company name (as you wish for it to appear within the guide)
Company address, city, state and zip
Company phone
Company website
50 word company description

** If you have sponsored/exhibited at a CHI event in the last 6 months and would like to use a description from our files, please let me know which event.  If we do not receive a description by the deadline above, a description will be taken at our discretion from your corporate website.
Please email the information to:  
Jaclyn Levine
Client Services Specialist 

 Don't forget to book your Hotel & Travel!

For questions or concerns, please contact:
Jaclyn Levine
Client Services Specialist
Cambridge Healthtech Institute
p. 781-972-5449