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August 25, 2020
11 am to 12 pm EDT
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Automated Protein A Purification through Tryptic Digest LC-MS/MS for Studying Post-Translational Modifications on mAbs

Webinar Description:

Rapid technological growth in analytical instrumentation and data processing has enabled researchers to develop powerful new methods for use in the biopharmaceutical industry. Unfortunately, sample preparation methods have progressed at a much slower rate, leading to a bottleneck in high-throughput analytics. By incorporating automation into our sample preparation and data analysis methods, we address the bottleneck issue while supporting harmonization of workflows across multiple sites.

At the end of this webinar, participants will:

  • Recognize the benefits of automating Protein A purification, buffer exchange, and tryptic digestion workflows
  • Gain an understanding of the dispersive solid phase extraction technology
  • Identify the advantages of automated Protein A purification compared to manual methods
  • Understand the advantages of designing harmonized workflows across multiple sites


Stephen D’Eri

Stephen D’Eri, MS
Automation Leader, Bioanalytics

Stephen D’Eri has spent most of his Biopharma career involved in protein biochemistry. He started in the early 2000s at Wyeth, purifying proteins for structural studies. In 2010, he joined the Structural Protein Chemistry (SPC) group at Genzyme where his main focus was using a variety of analytical techniques to define protein structure-function relationships. He left the group in 2013 to work for Warp Drive Bio where he mainly focused on mass spec proteomics for target identification and high-throughput mass spec screening methods for candidate compounds. He re-joined the SPC group, now known as the Characterization Group for Sanofi in early 2016. He now leads a small automation group where they use robotics and high-level programming languages to support analytical workflows and data analysis.

Janna Liptak

Janna Liptak, MS
Senior Research Associate, Automation, Bioanalytics

Janna Liptak received her bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and master’s degree in Biotechnology from Northeastern University. She began her professional career at Tetraphase Pharmaceuticals where she worked in the Analytical Chemistry and Formulations group developing HPLC assays for tetracyline-based drug candidates. She transitioned into protein analytics after joining the Sanofi Bioanalytics Characterization group in 2017. In this role she became proficient in a variety of analytical techniques to understand protein structure and function. She utilized automation to streamline laboratory workflows and reduce the burden on analysts in the group. As a member of the newly formed Automation group at Sanofi, she continues to develop analytical methods on robotic systems and implement digital solutions to fulfill the needs of Bioanalytics.


Carter Mitchell

Carter Mitchell, PhD
Chief Technology Officer
Kemp Proteins

Carter Mitchell is a protein chemist and structural biologist with 20 years of direct experience isolating and characterizing difficult proteins from a variety of recombinant and natural sources. He earned a PhD in Structural Biology where he enzymatically characterized and solved the structures of a multidomain proteins involved in the biosynthesis of metabolites. During his first postdoctoral fellowship he developed and led a drug discovery pipeline with a team of scientists that isolated and characterized bioactive small-molecules and peptides from mammalian microbiomes as well as solved the structure of a unique peptide with novel secondary structural elements. At the National Cancer Institute, Carter focused on the isolation of bioactive proteins from marine aqueous extracts, which required creative purification strategies and earned the Director’s Innovation Award. Prior to joining Kemp Proteins, he was the Chief Technology Officer and Director of Structural Biology at a Biotech start-up where he built, developed, and implemented protein expression and isolation laboratory and managed the protein production and purification team.

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