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Next-Gen Kinase Inhibitors Conference - Cambridge Healthtech Institute

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This well-recognized kinase conference addresses reoccurring questions about selectivity, safety, resistance and novelty. After many years of research and therapeutic developments of kinase inhibitors, the field still offers new opportunities as novel kinases and their inhibitors remain important. In addition, interest in repurposing of already developed drugs is growing immensely.

“Next-Gen Kinase Inhibitors” addresses what lies ahead, what is in store for the pharmaceutical industry and what new avenues are opening up in regards to technologies and methods used, and in regards to novel targets and therapeutic approaches explored.

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» 8:30 Keynote Presentation  

Kinase Inhibitors: Lessons Learned?
Doriano Fabbro, Ph.D., CSO, Piqur Therapeutics

Our knowledge on the structural determinants of kinase inhibition by small molecules binding to the ATP pocket has advanced steadily in the past years. We will give an overview on the status quo of kinase inhibition and discuss an example on how protein kinases can be structurally affected by selective kinase inhibitors. In addition we will also discuss on how to target kinases whose cellular signaling pathways are only poorly understood. 


  • Non-Cancer Indications
  • Designing Selective Inhibitors
  • Property-Based Design
  • Overcoming Resistance
  • Structure-Based Design
  • Screening and Validation

Monday, June 17 • 9:00 – 12:00 pm 

Short Course: The Art and Science of Kinases* 

Course Instructors:

Kent D. Stewart, Ph.D., Research Fellow, Structural Biology, AbbVie

Maricel Torrent, Ph.D., Senior Scientist III, Molecular Modeling, AbbVie

*Separate Registration Required

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