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Dr. Bruce Korf Discusses the Challenges, Opportunities and Most Important Developments in the Integration of Genomics and Medicine

Speaker: Bruce R. Korf, M.D., Ph.D., Wayne H. and Sara Crews Finley Chair in Medical Genetics; Professor and Chair, Department of Genetics; Director, Heflin Center for Genomic Sciences, University of Alabama at Birmingham

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Dr. Ramesh Ramanathan Shares the Advantages and Best Practices for the Molecular Profiling of Tumors

Speaker: Ramesh Ramanathan, M.D., Medical Director, The Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center Clinical Trials

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Regulatory and Manufacturing Considerations for Stem Cell Therapies Podcast

Speaker: Larry A. Couture, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Center for Applied Technology Development, Beckman Research Institute of City of Hope

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Genomic Screening and Diagnosis of Human Diseases Podcast

Speaker: Charles Cantor, Founder, Chief Scientific Officer, SEQUENOM, Inc.

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PCR Technologies Podcast

Speaker: Carl Wittwer, M.D., Ph.D., Professor, Pathology, University of Utah

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Enabling Physician Use of Genomic Data Through Cloud-Based Software

Speaker: Jonathan Hirsch, Founder & President, Syapse

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Microfluidics for Mobile Diagnostics

Speaker: Samuel K. Sia, Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering, Columbia University

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