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Critical Hand-Offs: Effective Alliance Management and the Project Management Interface


As Project Managers begin to manage projects involving Outsourcing and Alliance Partners, in the process of Drug Development, their job becomes critically linked to Alliance Management. The skills required, best practices applied and tools that are applicable become more and more linked and identified with Alliance Management.

Explore and examine Alliance Management Best Practices and Case Studies of how to work effectively with Alliance Management and manage the interface between Alliance Management and Project Management. The interface between managing the health of the overall relationship with partners and driving specific operational results from that relationship is explored.

Learn from Leading Practitioners:

  • Measuring and Communicating the Value of the Alliance Function
  • The Different Roles of Alliance and Project Management and Where They Meet
  • The Evolving Role of Project Management
  • Effective AM/PM Interface Management
  • New Models for Managing the Alliance Management / Project Management Interface


Fifth Annual
Managing Projects and Resources
Strategies, Tools and Tactics for Effective Project Management
June 5-6, 2008 • Park Hyatt Philadelphia Hotel • Philadelphia, PA

Immediately following Effective Alliance Management


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