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PepTalk 2017
2014 Archived Content

Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Third Annual
Higher-Throughput Protein Purification
Supporting Technologies
January 15-16, 2014

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8:30 Chairperson’s Remarks

Brandan Hillerich, Ph.D., Managing Director, High Throughput Protein Production, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

8:35 Making and Using Protein Microarrays: High-Throughput Tools for Proteomics

Michael TaussigMichael Taussig, Ph.D., Head, Technology Research Group, Babraham Bioscience Technologies

Protein microarrays are versatile tools for parallel, miniaturised screening of binding events involving large numbers of immobilised proteins in a time- and cost-effective manner. They are increasingly applied for high-throughput analyses, including antibody specificity screening, protein interactions and target discovery. A recent advance in technology is production of DNA-encoded protein microarrays through in situ cell-free synthesis directly from corresponding DNA arrays (DAPA method). This talk reviews recent developments in generation of protein microarrays and applications in proteomics and diagnostics.

Susa Callahan S9:05 High-Throughput and Advanced Analytical Technologies Used for Streamlining Process Development

Susan Callahan, Ph.D., Senior Associate Scientist, Amgen

With the aims of process efficiency and cost saving in biopharmaceutical companies nowadays, companies are moving towards high-throughput assays to meet analytical needs with accuracy, precision, and speed. Many technological improvements/breakthroughs in robotics and instrumentation have been made recently that have allowed for enhancements in the analysis of various critical attributes. This presentation will focus on the evolution of traditional methods to the most recent breakthroughs in high-throughput purification and advanced analytical technologies.

9:35 Selected Poster Presentation:
B601    Building a High Throughput Prep-Grade Auto-Sampler on AKTA Pure

Jiansheng Wu, Ph.D., Scientist, Protein Chemistry, Genentech, Inc.

9:50 Coffee Break in the Exhibit Hall with Poster Awards

10:50 VirD – A Virion Display Array for Profiling Functional Membrane Proteins

Heng ZhuHeng Zhu, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences, High Throughput Biology Center (HIT Center), Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

To facilitate high-throughput biochemical analyses of membrane proteins, we have developed a novel display technology in a microarray format. Both single-pass (CD4) and multiple-pass (GPR77) human transmembrane proteins were engineered to be displayed in the membrane envelope of herpes simplex virions. Purified virions printed on glass slides form a high-density Virion Display (VirD) Array. This method can be readily scaled or tailored for different modalities including as a high-content, high-throughput platform for screening ligands and drugs of human membrane proteins.

David Galbraith S11:20 Optimizing Protein Production in vitro for Incorporation into High-Throughput Analytical Platforms

David W. Galbraith, Ph.D., Professor, Plant Sciences & Bio5 Institute, University of Arizona

Microarrays and microfluidics provide excellent experimental platforms for high-throughput analysis of protein structure and function. Synthesis in situ of proteins represents an efficient and versatile means to populate these platforms with multiple protein species. Utilizing Fluorescent Proteins and chimeric fusions, we have investigated means to improve the amounts of proteins that can be synthesized in vitro, and factors that affect extending these methods to different partner proteins. Examples will be provided illustrating the optimized methods and procedures.

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1:45pm  Close of Conference

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