CHI's Accelerating Proof of Concept Conference

The fourth annual Accelerating Proof-of-Concept conference, being held November 5-6, 2012 will feature industry and academic experts discussing the latest in patient stratification theories and strategies, comparative effectiveness in the PoC stages, and the role of precision medicine in accelerating PoC. The trend of in-licensing molecules to keep the development pipeline fed will be examined, as PoC strategies may differ for "optioned entities." Presentations will focus on strategic and scientific advances and methods to accelerate PoC. Key opinion leaders from the pharma industry will also provide updates on topics such as accelerated approval. Accelerated PoC strategies will be highlighted in this year's program. 

Join working groups to network and create accelerated proof-of-concept scenarios. Meet with fellow executives and scientists to learn new strategies in partnering, risk mitigation, and academic-industry collaborations. 

Session Topics 


Precision & Personalized Medicine Initiatives and The Effects on PoC Decision Making

Accelerating Clinical Decision Making: Patient Stratification Using Pharmacogenomics And Protein Biomarkers 

Novel Indications Development - New Strategies For Old Drugs 

Improving PoC Study Designs & Methods 

Novel Alternate Endpoints For Clinical PoC


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