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Managing Projects and Resources


The Managing Projects and Resources Conference attracts many high-level project and resource management delegates representing many of the major pharmaceutical and biotech companies from around the globe.

Managing Projects and Resources 2008 will focus on tactics and processes that organizations can effectively and efficiently use to allocate and implement project resources. The program will consist of a mix of case studies, expert presentations, panels and round-table discussions, including topics on:

Strategy Considerations

  • The alliance management - project management interface
  • Understanding the implications of "fail fast" strategies on project planning
  • Building your project management capabilities
  • Ensuring continuous improvements in the project management function
  • Integrating project management within portfolio and resource management
  • Understanding the difference between project managers and project champions
  • Improving the impact of project management on project timelines and cost

Functional Responsibilities

  • Identifying key risks, potential bottlenecks and ways to mitigate
  • Case studies for project managers
  • Communication and motivational issues for project managers
  • Incentivizing resource sharing
  • Ways to improve resource demand projections for a project

Technical Aspects

  • Using balanced scorecards for project assessment
  • Using the principles of the “Theory of Constraints” in project management
  • Networked project management tools
  • Data sharing and visualization tools to assist project management
  • Using simulations and scenario planning to assess project plans


Second Annual
“Critical Hand-offs” Effective Alliance Management and the Project Management Interface
Strategies, Tools and Tactics for Effective Alliance Management and Managing the Alliance Management/Project Management Interface
June 4-5, 2008 | Park Hyatt Philadelphia Hotel | Philadelphia, PA

Immediately prior to Managing Projects and Resources


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